27 June 2009

one week and a million impressions

today i've been living in this beautiful city for a week, and i've already done a lot. mostly i've just been going to class, getting myself situated, and finding my way around the city, but i've also made some new friends, ridden my new bike, and gone swimming at islands brygge. here are some pictures from my first few days here.

the view from my room: a canal and more student housing.

view from my room in a different direction. the humanities department of the university is in the foreground, and that tall building is a hotel a ways away. christiania, denmark's "free state", is also in that direction.

on wednesday i went on an epic mission to find a bike which took me all over the city - on foot. eventually i found a bike right in my own neighborhood, but the walk helped me learn my way around a lot. i don't know what that big building with the towers is, though.

more walking, more seeing pretty things. this is one of copenhagen's lakes; the picture is taken from nørre søgade, or north sea-street.

international night at the student house, a bar run by and for students. julie and anna.

candy. i don't really want to eat it, but it sure is cute!

danish coins. i didn't have a 20-, but the ones shown are worth 10, 5, and 2 kroner, except for the little copper one which is worth 50 øre. the 10 kroner coin is worth about $1.80.

trains, trains, trains.

amager strand, the beach on amager (the island where i live). those are windmills out in the ocean. this photo was taken around 9:00 p.m.

sankt hans aften is when the danes gather to burn effigies of witches to... ward evil spirits away? well, i guess i didn't ever find out the "why" of the holiday. but it sure is fun! basically a ton of people just gather in different places, hang out, and enjoy each others' company. i went with some other international students.

you can't really tell if it's sunrise or sunset, but it's sunset (probably around 10 or 10:30 p.m.).

i finally (more or less) know how to use the metro, although i'm hoping not to need to ride it often since i have a bike now. maybe just when it's freezing, wet, windy, and/or snowy later on.

danish strawberries - yum!

bike parking at tietgenkollegiet. it just doesn't make sense to cart your bike up to the fourth floor, even when the only way up is an elevator. my bike is the one with the basket.

me with my bike on the metro!

in some ways it's hard to believe that i've already been here for a week. it's gone really fast, but it also feels like i've been here for months. copenhagen really isn't that large of a city, and it's very navigable. i still haven't cooked anything here (i've been eating lots of open-faced sandwiches, salads, and musli), but i get really excited when i find a new shortcut to a place i already know.


Uma Barzy said...

Very nice!

ohnoitsbekah said...

i saw windmills on the water when i was flying to poland but i thought i was delirious and i never asked anyone about it so i'm really glad you just proved to me that they do exist.