30 June 2009

tirsdag - tuesday

i guess i still haven't adjusted to the time change yet, because i've still been waking up every morning between 3 and 4 a.m. i don't know why, because that's around noon in california, and that is not wake-up time. but it probably has something to do with the light. the incredible, unforgettable light. every time the light shifts here - which it does often - i reach for my camera. i've seen some of the most unbelievable clouds, sunsets, and sihouettes in the past several days.

however, this is at dusk, not dawn.

my room is finally starting to look like someone actually lives in it. today i finally bought a comforter, comforter cover, pillowcase, and what i thought was a sheet set. well, not only did it not turn out to be a sheet set but just a single sheet, but i bought the wrong size. so that's another thing i have to resolve tomorrow, in addition to fixing my phone, which still won't let me send text messages. i hate texting, but everyone here does it.

i really like living here at tietgen. i feel comfortable here, my room is nice, and i'm really glad to live somewhere where i get to practice danish every day. last night there was an informal get-together on the canal outside of my building where everyone brought a bottle of wine and a glass and tried each others' wine. it was really nice and i met a lot of people that way. as a side note, everyone here seems older than me. i'm the youngest on my hall and probably the youngest person i've met here.

my building, sixteen. seksten. pronounced sice-ten. the first part rhymes with "slice".

the courtyard.


så här ska man ha det, när man har det som sämst. in other words, this is how things should be at their worst.

looking down from my room.

today i went to islands brygge again, a sort of park on a canal, and this time i took some pictures. though it was overcast for part of the afternoon, it was really a nice day. there's not much better than spending an afternoon in the sun with friends, strawberries, ice cream, and a beer or two (or pear cider). plus, we jumped into the water off of the big wood platform in the picture below. the water is only cold enough to be refreshing, as their air temperature has been hovering around 80 degrees fahrenheit.

i have lots of small bug bites. it's not something you expect when travelling to a nordic country, but there is a lot of water here. and one good thing about summer not lasting long here is that soon the bugs will be gone.

i'm finally getting to know some danes. my hallmates (i have my own room, but share a kitchen with eleven other people) are really kind, considerate, and fun, and have helped me out a lot by showing me where the cleaning stuff is, how the kitchen works, how the (very futuristic) laundry room works, and more. i can't imagine living on my own in a single flat here.

in the last couple of days, i've ordered food, set up my voicemail, and gone shopping and told the cashier i don't need a bag - entirely in danish. i'm thrilled to understand the amount that i do. knowing swedish helps. a lot.

and that's it for today.

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Jessica said...

I've been following your blog for a while as I'm also going on exchange to KU.
I just found out I will live at Tietgen.
How do you like it there?
Maybe you can email me? jeez_ika@hotmail.com