28 June 2009


on friday i went to lund (sweden) to visit my friend patch from my exchange year in sweden and see ratatat. the train ride over went smoothly enough until my cell phone stopped working when we left denmark. at first i thought i just didn't have any service, but i didn't get it back, and hence couldn't get ahold of patch to tell him to meet me at the train station in malmö. well, it was fine; he came eventually with his friend einar. until them i had some time to myself to explore malmö, where i had never been before.

malmö is alright. it's actually really cute (like most of sweden and all of copenhagen). being in sweden, even only for a day, was really relaxing. after a week of living in a city where i don't understand the language or know my way around, it was great to come "home" to sweden where i can understand the language as well as the cultural norms. i walked around malmö a bit and found a square with a huge t.v. set up surrounded by football fans chanting for sweden and screaming "go sweden!" i guess there was a big match against england in malmö on friday.

the concert was actually at a theme park in malmö, which was really fun. the first part (karl blau) was outside, which was nice because even at 10 when he started playing it wasn't quite dark. ratatat played inside (at debaser, the club in folkets park) and they were well worth the two-hour wait between sets. they really put on a great show and surprisingly enough for an electronic band, played their instruments.

on saturday the three of us biked to the beach from lund, about 10 kilometers on a tandem bike in the hot sun. by the time we got to the beach, nothing sounded better than jumping in the water. you'd think that since we were in sweden, the beach would suck and the water would be freezing, but it was completely the opposite. the sand was fine and the water was much warmer than it is in california this time of year. also, the drop-off is really gradual and you could walk a hundred feet out and still not be in over your head.

coffee and kanelbullar - i must be in sweden.

if that wasn't enough, here are the flags to prove it.

einar, patch, and i at folkets park in malmö.



tandem-biking. i can't believe the chain didn't fall off.

skåne is FLAT.

on the bike path.

really a very nice beach, despite the lack of surf.

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