09 July 2009

on christiania, and feeding myself

my danish life pretty much revolves around food, and, of course, drinks to accompany the food. that means i've been getting pretty used to carlsberg pilsner and tuborg classic - both pretty legit beers, in my opinion. kind of like eating bread with cheese. good for any time.

with that said, i eat a lot of bread with cheese here. a lot, a lot. open-faced sandwiches rule. they are easy, delicious, satisfying, and nutritious. i have yet to try smørrebrød (literally "butter bread") from a shop here, but it's everywhere.

the other day i experimented with cooking meat by myself for the first time. it was just chicken, which i ate with pasta with sundried tomatoes, but it was pretty good. see?

i go grocery shopping at least three times a week here. that's partially because i grocery shop by bike, meaning i can't carry a whole lot at once, and partially because every time i do go, i either forget something or can't find it. i end up having to go to different stores for different things. the grocery stores here are a lot smaller than american grocery stores (big surprise, right) and the cheaper ones are not very organized. if you go to netto or fakta at the end of the day, don't expect there to be any tomatoes left. and if there are, don't expect them to be on the tomato shelf: it's far more likely that they're mixed in with the cucumbers, or sitting on top of a bag of potatoes.

grocery/bike basket

on tuesday i went to christiania ("free town christiania", a part of copenhagen which doesn't consider itself part of denmark or the E.U.) with my language class. it's a really controversial place which the government has been trying to shut down since its formation in the early 1970s when squatters took over abandoned military barracks in a part of the city that once used to be part of the barricade around the city. today it's a haven for all sorts of alternative lifestyles. its inhabitants don't pay taxes but still get all the support of denmark's universal welfare system, which is another side of the controversy. i, however, love christiania, even if only for the ubiquitous art, overflowing gardens, and relaxed attitude.

i love these bike racks! christiania is evidently all about recycling.


during our tour

me with a travelling german craftsman, in front of the banana house (built by the real travelling german craftsmen)

sunny days in denmark are to be treasured

i'm not exactly positive what a himalayan mountain guide is doing in denmark, but i like it.


one more thing: today it was sunny, then cloudy, then stormed briefly, then was cloudy again, all with about a million changes in between. now it's sunny again. i guess there is a saying (whether it's in all of denmark or just copenhagen i don't know) that if you don't like the weather, just wait fifteen minutes and it will be totally different. that is completely true.

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