02 July 2009

july, july, july! never seemed so strange

already more than halfway through this year and into the month of my birth - how did that happen? i'm just biding my time between classes and enjoying the sun while it lasts. the weather here is finicky. it's been threatening rain for a few days, but it has yet to actually rain. it's also been really hot - at least 80 degrees fahrenheit, and no cooler than 70 at night.

yesterday i went to an art museum with my class. in the evening i finally met up with lovely indigo moon, formerly known as reggae, formerly known as rikke. it was so great to see her. time with someone whom i've known for nearly five years is a precious commodity here. plus, she is just delightful. we shared a box of sweet strawberries, explored christiania, and went to a café.

kunsthallen nikolaj.

ooh, a giant light-up pen!

i don't know what these gloves mean, but they look cool.

i've been exploring the city more and more. despite the fact that it's a city, i like what i see, for the most part. i am slowly discovering, however, that this place is a lot more conservative than i thought, and i am going to have to do some searching to find like minds.

indigo in christiania


tomorrow i am going to sweden to see my host family whom i haven't seen in two years. i can't wait! it will be so good to come together again as a family and spend some time in the country. plus, i have been longing for some good old swedish meatballs, and even the potatoes that accompany them.

speaking of food, i had my first cooking experiment here this evening. (i'd cooked pasta here before, but this was the first time i tried something i'd never made before.) i made quinoa with bell peppers, spinach, and some kind of peas. snap peas? i don't know. anyway, last i checked, i don't even like bell peppers, but this one was good. my only problem was the sauce. apparently mixing yogurt in with your stir-fried veggies doesn't always cut it. i'm going to have to do some more experimenting.

also, this is what we did in class today: language laboratory! it felt like we were astronauts, or interpreters, or something. hearing my teacher and then myself recorded helped my danish pronounciation a lot.

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