22 July 2009

religious experiences

here's to a break from studying for my (first) danish exam tomorrow!

yesterday i climbed rundetårn, the round tower, a tower in the middle of copenhagen that was built in the sixteen-hundreds. like most things in denmark (except for the people), it wasn't very tall, but from the top, my friend adam and i got a lovely view of the city. seeing the city from an aerial perspective really helps things to fall into place! i felt like a tourist for, well, only the second or third time since i've been here, surrounded by people speaking polish and... swedish! i love hearing swedish when i'm used to being surrounded by danish.

anyway, after the tower we went into a church connected to rundetårn. i don't know what the church was called, but it was very beautiful and echoey. adam was very tempted to play the organ, and i to tapdance. but we restrained ourselves. one thing that we thought was interesting was that there were two sets of iron gates, one on each side of the altar. the gates on the left had straight points, while those on the right were squiggly. were the squiggly gates supposed to represent the gates of hell? why would the gates of hell be on the right? isn't it the left that belongs to satan?

glas in a window of rundetårn - mysterious

view from the top of the tower


oh lord

despite all the beautiful danish culture, there are some things i miss from california. namely, avocados. there are avocados here, but they come from south africa or israel or somewhere, and they're neither as flavorful nor as buttery as our california avocados. and every time i buy them i forget i have them and they go bad and i end up feeling like a horrible person. i also miss running barefoot on the beach and having to alter my pace to avoid jellyfish and rocks - like playing hopscotch alone in the sand.

i am happy, however, for the little things. black tea with honey and cream, and homemade cookies inside when it's raining. the week is almost over, and i've already been here for a month. tomorrow i have the first part of my danish exam, which is written, and i have the oral exam on friday. after that, vacation!

a latte or café au lait costs nearly $6 here. needless to say, it's not something i indulge in often.

i rode by this church on an epic hunt for a flea market last sunday, thought it was beautiful.

nu skal jeg tilbage til dansk.

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