15 July 2009

kun for mig

summer in denmark feels like this, and smells like strawberries.

anyway, the sun now sets in copenhagen around 9:30 p.m. it's a huge bummer that the days are getting so much shorter so fast, but it's also a huge reality check. i have to say that the things i enjoy most about living here are the small things: finding "authentic" tortillas (which is to say, a brand i recognize, although they are produced in the netherlands) at the grocery store, asking a stranger for directions in danish and understanding the answer, and finding out that i actually have stuff in common with my floormates, or kitchen group.

there are eleven people that i share the kitchen with, and i feel like i really lucked out. i've never really had good roommate luck - i've always just ended up living with people i don't mesh with in the least - and am really happy to be sharing a kitchen with a bunch of conscientious, interesting, and mature but fun-loving people. granted, these are just first impressions. but they did bake me two cakes for my birthday, and that counts for something.

tonight i got together with a bunch of my language classmates (nine americans and a canadian, to be precise) and we made breakfast for dinner. you have to understand that it had been at least three weeks - almost a month - since any of us had eaten a "proper" breakfast, with eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, the works. it was kind of insane cooking with ten people at once, but we all left satisfied and danced to techno while doing the dishes.

today after language class, i went on a canal tour of the city with my class. the canal tour is the essential copenhagen tourist thing to do, and while on it i saw a lot of the "sights" of the city for the first time, like the little mermaid and amalienborg palace. it was a really nice and relaxing way to see lots of parts of the city that i vaguely know, if only for certain landmarks like spiral towers and copper roofs.

here some recent pictures from sweden last weekend (i went on saturday). i unfortunately forgot my camera during the canal tour today.

"at work? refrain from drinking alcohol!"

the red houses with white trim are the definition of classic.

this is my friend patch.

i ordered a burrito at a café and this is what i got. it was good, but more like an enchilade filled with a cinnamonny sauce vaguely resembling mole than a good old rice, bean, and cheese burrito. which, by the way, i miss. in order to resolve this, i made some spanish rice last night. it was surprisingly good. i was really pleased with myself, because not only had i never made spanish rice before (i don't really cook), but it was delicious.

by the way, i am going to iceland in ten days - for a week! i can't wait!! i'm going by myself during my week off from language class, and i can't wait to see what kind of adventures iceland has to offer. you know, stuff like geysers, geothermal pools, and waterfalls. ten days!

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