10 August 2009

grounded, not rooted

so much excitement in the last several days! i've gotten to spend time with old friends (in form of visits and packages from the other side of the world - i've already gotten three mix cds from the U.S., which are absolutely delightful) and new, and had some interesting interactions with strangers. my friend allie, who i go to university with, came here last weekend for the semester. i am stoked to have a real friend in this city, someone who i know from home.

allie og jeg på fest

one day when i was sick last week i went to amager strand to get some much-needed vitamin d

after danish ended for the week last friday afternoon, i went to islands brygge (i think i've explained islands brygge several times - it's one of those special places in the city where danes and the rest of us alike go to hang out, eat ice cream (or apples) and drink beer (or soymilk) and enjoy each others' company. lots of sommerhygge. sometimes people sunbathe there half-naked in the middle of the day. sometimes they skinny-dip. whatever.) with my friend genevieve and her friend gabrielle. they took lots of pictures. i forgot my camera and drank their soymilk. really nice. i spent that evening at their apartment; it was really cozy. genevieve lives in vesterbro, which is really different from amager. it's a established neighborhood, with its own character and history. the ups: a good flea market and an excellent bakery, as well as lots of interesting clothing stores. the downs: the roads constantly turn into little cobblestone walkways, and this guy tomcat has tagged the entire neighborhood, even covering up some really cool street art with his tags.

swimming area - islands brygge

have i mentioned that denmark is painfully cute?


a brilliant danish pålæg (topping): chocolate for your bread! why don't we have this in the U.S.? is it because we don't eat enough bread?

tea and sugar and good company

yes i want to eat that

in vesterbro

saturday was a day for flea markets (i got, among other things, a pair of navy blue doc martens for $8 - score), friends, and a little sightseeing. we walked across the entire city, finally doing the tourist thing and seeing the little mermaid (hans christian andersens little mermaid). funnily enough, there were also ugly ducklings/baby swans there. like in the ugly duckling, you know? we caught two fish in one net, seeing icons of two of the most famous stories by, probably, denmark's most famous author. the tourists at the little mermaid were definitely more entertaining than she was herself, and anyway, we were too tired to battle everyone to pose with her. so we got ice cream instead. ice cream is a recurring theme in my life.

den lille havfrue

this is a man pulling a hot-dog wagon

that evening, i went to a concert in christiania. i went with genevieve, gabrielle, and genevieve's friend from home, and patch showed up, too! two punk bands opened for the main act. it was my first punk show ever, although i'm twenty and from california. there is some irony there, no? the band that headlined, sort stue, is a danish hip-hop group, and they were incredible. i'll just say that they actually played their instruments, including four keyboards, a violin, and a stand-up bass, and had tons of energy. they also sang almost entirely in danish, and, as bizarre of a language as danish is, it lends itself incredibly well to rap. they drop half of their letters anyway, so the words mesh together really well.

danish punk rock

i didn't get any pictures of sort stue: i was too busy dancing.

in christiania we met this character from finland who told us about how he is a traveller and is all about being grounded, not rooted. we thought he was sleeping on the stage where we were sitting when he sat up and started talking to about finnish mysticism.

sunday - more ice cream and more walking. walking and talking and talking and walking.

i ran about four and a half miles both today and yesterday. my legs hurt. i went around all day today thinking it was tuesday.

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