16 August 2009

i'm a cuckoo

i've been listening to belle & sebastian a lot lately: they always fit my mood. i had the song "i'm a cuckoo" stuck in my head for my last two days in reykjavik, and i had my ipod with me but i didn't have the song on it, so i was just singing to myself on the empty streets by the seaside: i'm glad to see you, i had a funny dream, and you were wearing funny shoes, you were going to a dance, you were dressed like a punk but you were too young to remember...

scavenging on amager
(photo stolen from genevieve)

hygge i københavn

it's a beautiful city

a green city

so i am here, and as much as i love it, i can't help thinking about where to go next. in october i want to take a surf trip to the basque country in the north of spain. too bad i don't know anyone there. there is this thing about us only children, i think: we do what we want. we think pretty highly of ourselves, but of you, too.

it's been a good weekend. i finished a painting. it had been too long since i'd messed around with acrylics. aside from that, i went to a d-themed costume party as a decade (the 1970s) and watched a zillion episodes of beverly hills 90210 and drank tea with my friend genevieve. i've been denying that summer is ending, but it really is a short-lived season here. like spring is in coastal california, if you even catch it. there is already a definite chill in the air, and i no longer dare to go anywhere without a sweater in my purse.

her står jeg (between an m and two a's)

my picture wall

and my bathroom for good measure

laundry day

by the way, does anyone read this? please say hello!


amy said...

I read it!

and agree about us only children. We're independent souls and sometimes we get a bad rap, but that's just hatin.

Bekah said...

i commented yesterday, but it didn't show up. i read this and i love you.

i learned how to play belle and sebastian's "piazza new york catcher" on the banjo and it makes me cry.

Anonymous said...

i cant comment! it wont let me!


cody Hood said...


Anonymous said...

I am reading this and I love every minute of it. PS the bathroom picture is extra fint. and I am so flattered to see something of mine on your wall. Love you.


Ada said...


I'm a Canadaian coming to Copenhagen on exchange with KU this January. I haven't gotten a chance to read everything, but your blog has given me some great insight as well as some lovely pictures!

Would you recommend living in residence? I've just gotten an offer for residence, but it's somewhat expensive...

and an aside - Belle and Sebastien is wonderful! I think i'll be listening to them a lot. :)