31 August 2009

it's gonna be a long cold winter

but until then, i'm making the most of what's left of summer. tomorrow it will already be september. can you believe that? i sure can't. i'm going to go to sweden for my last week of holidays. i'll visit my host family in the country and one of my best friends in the world in göteborg, and hopefully go kayaking with her. i can't wait. i need some nature, although i've had small tastes of it in the last few days: yesterday i went to a town a little north of copenhagen called klampenborg, which has the world's oldest theme park, bakken, and a huge park through which elk roam freely. so i went to bakken with some other exchange students (more stoked on the people-watching than the rides after a long saturday night) and then we wandered around the "woods." actually, i think it is fair to call the area woods, or a forest, because the park is so huge. and like i said, there are elk there. they're not fenced in or anything, so if you want to see them, you have to find them. which we did, tromping through nettles and all just for a glimpse of some impressive antlers. it was a nice afternoon, and a good way to end a great weekend. i spent my weekend with my flatmates - maybe, at this point, i should start using the word friends - on friday night just hanging out in our kitchen, then at a barbeque at someone's apartment on saturday. it was very hyggeligt, with candles, music, lots of beer and wine, grilled chicken, and even corn on the cob. yum!

that is a face on a wall. what?!

taking a carriage ride looks like a good thing to do on a sunday afternoon.

at bakken.

it sprinkled for like five minutes. typical.

the beech tree is proudly featured in denmark's national anthem


things you can eat

butter flower! if it reflects yellow on your chin, it supposedly means that you like butter. who doesn't?

the elk

i'm baking cookies, i'm drinking tea, i'm packing my things, and tomorrow, i'll get on a train.


Anonymous said...

I don't like butter, remember?
I love that buttery picture, though.
Summer never has to end for me in India. The weather here is unreal. However, the sun sets at like 7, maybe earlier. Sad.
Love you, miss you.

Vijyesh said...

Hey there,
I was reading your posts and really liked your life in Denmark (got the link of your blog from univ. of copenhagen exchange). well, I am a student as well majoring in the field of environment. I was thinking to apply at Univ. Copenhagen for winters. it would be great if you could help.