13 August 2009

nemt og hurtigt/quick and easy

you can tell how a person feels
by the way in which they inflect.
we do it in english: the phenomenon is
no more of a european attribute than
swimming naked under a full moon.
if you don’t know what you want
to say, it can be difficult to speak.

this is a wasp, or maybe a yellowjacket.

we spent like half an hour going over the two different words for "if" (hvis and om, in case anyone is interested) in danish today. it's really not that difficult: hvis is for conditionals, and om is interchangable with the english "whether" when you translate it. stuff like this makes me want to teach english.

i'm becoming a little nostalgic, listening to port o'brien and remembering being fifteen and stuck in a small town with all my friends, dancing in the dark in parking lots. the shit you deal with then is so different than when you have too many options, and too many choices to make. like, which bread should i buy, should i even decide to go to the bakery?

for real.

why have i never listened to bon iver before?

it's starting to feel like fall. not yet, please, not yet.