21 August 2009

two months

as of today, i've been living in copenhagen for two months: long enough that i could stop keeping track now, but i won't. i think yesterday was our last proper day of summer - rain is predicted for this weekend and the coming week (as usual), and then "real" school starts up again. good thing i went to the harbor and did my reading, sunbathing and swimming the last two afternoons!

i've never read anything by bret easton ellis before. he is insane, but amazing. or maybe just scary.

i still haven't figured out what, exactly, i am taking this semester, which is making me nervous. i've never not had a schedule at least three months in advance before. i keep thinking, what if i don't get the classes i want? if the class is full? if i don't sign up in time? but the school system here is different from the good old u.c.: classes here, apparently, don't fill up; if there are too many students they just get a bigger room. also, apparently you have until halfway through the semester to sign up for the course exams, so i don't really need to worry about making that deadline. and yes, you sign up for the exams separately from the courses themselves. and i think i'm only going to be taking two courses (!) since they're 15 units each and a full semester load is 30 units. i'm excited - i'd always rather have fewer, more intensive classes than more, superficial classes.

(in danish there are two words for "more," "mere" and "flere." "mere" is used for stuff that is uncountable, while "flere" is used for countable items, e.g. classes. so the "more" i used in the last sentence would, in danish, be "flere." i really wish we had this in english - it eliminates a lot of ambiguity.)

international night at studenterhuset (the student house, a bar run for and by students downtown) - crowded and too stuffy

just some wednesday night copenhagen bike traffic.

on thursday, our last day of actual danish lessons, we had a potluck breakfast in class. it was so nice! someone even brought a homemade pear tart, and someone else brought some luxurious blueberry and rhubarb (there is a lot of rhubarb stuff here. i guess it grows really well in the north - they grow lots in iceland, who knew) muffins from a local bakery. there was also, of course, tons of bread, jam, cheese, etc. it was a great way to end the class on a high note. if only we could have done that every day... the three and a half hours would have passed so much faster.

today was the last day of my intensive eight-week danish course and the day of our final written exam. it went pretty well, i thought, and was a lot easier than i anticipated. however, i am still really nervous about the oral exam coming up on monday: we have to talk about a random topic in front of our teacher and a "neutral" examinator (is that the word i'm looking for? i have no idea what the back-up person is called) and then answer questions, hopefully in grammatically-correct and properly-inflected danish. i feel a little better about it than i did a week ago, because i've been speaking a lot more danish lately, now that some of my hallmates are home. we can actually have conversations now. basic ones, and i have to ask for a lot of clarification, but still! i'm just glad they speak danish for me... even if my responses are mostly, "oh, okay, cool" and a lot of nodding.

by the way, i am putting up more pictures here http://www.flickr.com/photos/mayaweeks/!

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Cody Hood said...

"amount" and "number" are sort of like that aren't they? one is for a quantity without a numerical value to it, and the other is for one with?