26 August 2009


the days off from school have been nice, even though they're coming at a time when everyone else is just starting up with school again. i can see, now, how the university will be for the rest of the year: students, faculty, and staff coming and going by my dorm on their way from the metro station to the university or vice versa. many come on their bicycles, some of them in heels.

i spent my day today looking for a job in vesterbro, one of the neighborhoods of copenhagen that is not too far from where i live. i left a couple of resumes at places that seemed promising, but it is unlikely that they'll call me back. i don't know what to do next.

so far, august has flown by and i am already planning for september: a philosophy class, a danish class, a capoeira class just for fun. my hall is finally starting to cook common meals and eat together, which is really nice, and it will only be nicer with the onset of fall and then the creeping winter.

american grapefruit in denmark - globalization blows my mind. is the U.S. even a good place to get grapefruit from? i guess california definitely is.

rÄdhuset (city hall), quarter past noon

nice vines

so modern

i swear i am living in the future

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seekay said...

Maya! I've been reading your blog... just so you know. Also, I miss you. Also, I think I'm moving in to my new apartment tomorrow! Hopefully. Anyway, I'm trying to document my days, so I'll let you know about pictures, etc. when they're up. And don't worry, I will start looking at trips to Copenhagen soon.
Love you,