29 September 2009

don't fight the darkness bring the light and the darkness will disappear

the title is from a song by a band called yacht. i think it's appropriate now that we have entered the dark half of the year and, suddenly, the days are grey, the nights are long, and bike lights and candles have become necessary items.

last night i had to bike to capoeira in the rain. well, i could have taken the metro and a bus, but why do that when you have a bicycle and can decide which roads to take yourself? anyway, it was already dark and raining by the time i left, and i was riding against a headwind the whole way. basically biking in the rain, wind, and dark on a semi-flat front tire is not my favorite way of getting around, but my danish classmates were totally unfazed by the weather, saying, "there's no bad weather as long as you dress right for it." at least it was an awesome capoeira class - we talked for a long time about the history and different styles of capoeira after class ended - and by the time it was over, it wasn't raining anymore, and i biked home with a couple of my classmates.
today i am sore. we had to do all these crazy kicks last night, in a pattern where you step closer and closer to each other as you take turns kicking, and today my thighs and butt hate me for it.

my time here is going really quickly. i have so much to look forward to: spain in just over a week, a costume party in my kitchen the weekend before halloween (thank goodness - halloween is my favorite holiday, and i would be sad not to celebrate it), my friend seekay probably visiting at the end of october, my mom visiting in november, port o'brien at loppen on thanksgiving (helllll yes), my friend cody coming in december, and who knows what else.

today the sun shined with a fierceness typical of cold mornings all the way into the evening. i swear, when i went outside at noon i was fooled into thinking it was 9 a.m. and i don't know if today was just a bad day for strangers, but it seems like people are getting ruder with the recession of the sun: i had a bunch of strangers practically walk into me on the sidewalk today, decidedly without making eye contact, and the woman in the post office was really rude.

i've probably mentioned that denmark is a really nationalistic country. let's just put it this way: in denmark, sparkling (mineral) water is called "danskvand": danish water.

copenhagen's lakes at night

hygge hos mig (cozy at my place)

tonight i made dinner for my kitchen. once again, it was accompanied by good conversation and finished with compliments; i felt capable of actually doing something useful, even without any recipes. it was, after all, just pasta, a homemade sauce, and salad. now, cozy, book-reading, tea-drinking, chocolate-eating time.

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Agien said...

Hey! Just dropped by your blog and enjoyed reading whatever little I read. I am definitely going to come back and read more.
"there's no bad weather as long as you dress right for it." is something a friend of mine will totally second.
Enjoy your Spain visit! Have a lovely day!