23 September 2009

how i spend my free time:

i got pretty good at standing on my head when i was doing yoga on a regular basis. i can still do it (admittedly not as well as i used to be able to), but now i want to expand my repertoire to walking on my hands. because of the capoeira thing.

obviously i have a lot of free time. i don't know if i've mentioned this, but i only go to school on mondays. i have class from 11 to 2 in the afternoon, and then again from 3 to 5. then i have capoeira, but that has absolutely nothing to do with university. my first class has a half-hour break, and my second has a fifteen-minute one, so i'm really only in school four hours and fifteen minutes a week, which is kind of ridiculous. and i am taking a full course load. it's kind of a dream schedule.

since i'm free six days a week, i've been doing a lot of reading, handstands, and tea-drinking (right now, earl grey with vanilla soymilk - mmm). the awesome thing about having all this free time is that i get to live the life: you know, the one in which the young, romantic expatriate spends all of his/her time in alternately in cafés, reading and writing, and drifting about the city, watching the sun set and rise. before i came here - okay, i like henry miller and ernest hemingway A LOT - i thought that would be it, you know? what more could a young, for-the-most-part-uninspired student need? well, as it turns out - in my head, anyway - spending my days carefree like this is fun, to a point, but not really fulfilling. maybe i have just been brainwashed by growing up in capitalistic new-millenium america - despite not watching t.v. as a child - to believe that life is meaningless without a routine that acts as a time-filler and source of income.

so i'm looking for a job, although no one in copenhagen seems to have much use for a fomer barista/flower picker/orientator of clueless parents of new university students. so i'm planning my surf trip to spain. and listening to lots of mazzy star. i can't get over hope sandoval's voice.

also, the cafés here are different from american ones: they usually don't open really early in the morning, but they're open late at night. most of them seem to not have that many pastries, but they have lots of food, like restaurants. to me, they seem more like bars that are open during the day than cafés that are open at night. and really the only negative thing about them: the baristas ask you if you want milk in your coffee, and if you do, they pour it for you. god forbid you want to choose how much milk goes into your coffee yourself ... or if you'd rather have half-and-half (or soymilk!).


La Force said...

i'm very impressed by your handstand skills! i'm not even close to getting there yet, but with time who knows...ah and hope sandoval, she's amazing, i guess she played santa cruz not too long ago, have you heard "bavarian fruit bread" by her and the warm inventions? So amazing...

Anonymous said...

MAYA du må lære mig håndstand, det er min drøm, jeg kan krølle mig sammen og lave en masse yoga men håndstand er jeg stadig lidt bange for! ((Love)) indigo-moon