20 September 2009

i am not looking to see things but rather to internalize them

the whisper of the approaching metro just reminds me of a marathon of muggy summer nights, before i decided it was okay to ride my bike drunk as long as i wore my helmet. i saw a pool of nearly-dried blood on the cobblestones underneath the bridge on my morning run yesterday. at first glance i thought it was beet juice, but beet juice could never coagulate like that. the chill, salty harbor air assuages the city, a city that reeks with stale beer, exhaust fumes, and the cold sweats of immigrants, the "new danes." there is nothing new about people. i don't actually want to know what the flag outside of my building stands for. when i look at myself, i see excess.

this term of self-imposed liberty has led me to realize a couple of things. first of all, ani difranco is both woman and genius, at least for that one song. secondly, i'm not much for parties. not used to drinking like a grown-up, i don't know what to do when the bartender finally makes eye contact with me, so i just order another beer. unlike ani, i am a wimp. although living abroad, i don't get lost often. i stick to direct routes, memorize landmarks, and carry a map and a headlamp. i blend in until i open my mouth. i was the last of my friends to make the leap to a city. when i got here i realized i was looking for nothing in particular and that made it hard to find anything.

the majority of the people you will ever meet are too nice to ever bring up anything ugly. my eyelids flutter but i can't keep them closed. it's darker with them open than shut, now that the sun has finally begun to keep itself on the other side of the world for some hours each night.

i went on a good bike ride today to find this

giant tuborg bottle, located in an otherwise-vacant lot in hellerup, a suburb of copenhagen. copenhagen was uncomfortably hazy today, but in hellerup it was clear and sunny. on my way back, i stopped for a scoop of the most delicious chocolate ice cream i've ever tasted, accompanied by a scoop of coffee that wasn't bad either.

it's been a nice mellow weekend, which i've spent waking up early

only to go back to sleep, cooking, chilling with my flatmates, reading, and ambling the city

to commit it to memory. i'm looking forward to starting my kirkegaard class tomorrow and a trip to spain in the works for the near future.


Catherine said...

I loooooooove the way you write.

Also, Indians either don't use a napkin or else they use just one at a meal. :)

Jon said...

I'll second Catherine's remark. I'm glad I came across your blog.