13 September 2009

at the end of the week

i can tell the weather by the canal right outside my window. it's really convenient, because the weather often depends on the wind here. it might not be that cold outside, but it will be really blustery, and i know there's rain in the near future. the wind in this city is unbelievable. sometimes, everywhere you ride, the wind will be against you. up or down HC andersens boulevard, nørre søgade, nørrebrogade, the wind will be in your face the entire time. thankfully, this isn't always the case.

i love copenhagen. the quaint houses and canals are charming, as are the windows framed by hollyhocks and roses. i love smelling the delicious bakery smells drifting through the streets when i ride my bike home late at night (or rather, early in the morning) and the falafel and kebab shops (good thing for them, too, since there are no taquerias here). i love being able to get everywhere by bike and public transportation, and it's nice seeing the trees change color as fall approaches. i am gratified by learning danish and a new way to communicate with people -

i must be in europe.

i wish i had a boat to get around with.

so, so pretty.

dannebrog is the name of the danish flag. this, by the way, is a circus, which i almost accidentally went into while looking for a flea market on saturday. finally found the flea market. it was very good, and not in a circus tent.

- but i miss my friends, and playing banjo, and being able to get a decent meal for five dollars. with that said, i know i'll miss this place when i leave, but i've already lived so many places and met so many people that i am never not missing something. i think "love" is too strong of a word to use to describe a feeling i have for a situation i've only been in for two months. hanging out with exchange students, i constantly hear people gushing about how much they love this town, love being exchange students, and are having so much fun. and, i mean, i'm having a good time, but i came here to live my life, not to party for a year. the parties are fun, but they're kind of all the same.

with that said, i went to a really fun party on friday night. it was called "ladyfest" and held at bolsjefabrikken, this culture space on the outskirts of the city. the point was to support women's art and music, but it wasn't a man-bashing event or anything. it was just a cool event with lots of cool women (and men, too) making music, with a bonfire in the courtyard. it was interesting because the place was pretty anarchistic, in that there was graffiti everywhere and the kitchen was a mess, but it's also open to anyone and the people who run it do have a basic set of rules: clean up after yourself, no sleeping in the buildings, respect the neighbors (i.e. don't yell outside and don't graffiti the neighboring buildings), et cetera. i enjoyed it because it felt like the people there were relaxed and very non-judgemental, which is the opposite vibe from what i normally get in bars and whatnot.

is it still called graffiti if it's not illegal?

dancing with my friend laura at bolsjefabrikken

today is very much a sunday. i'm spending the day drinking tea and listening to ani difranco and bon iver.

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