26 September 2009

it's a beautiful world we live in

the heavy wind rattles the sill
and the peel of an early clementine
in a dozen fragments
sour perfume blows in
through the open window

four stories below
a scattered generation worms its way
through the september deluge
each particle looking for its identity
some going so far as to borrow others

my heart wants more of a following
everyone is trying to make something
of themselves right now
which is just why we have to
stand up for one another

autumn! i had this discussion last night with some friends about whether the year starts in winter (january) or spring (when everything begins). who cares?! for now everything is falling apart. fantastic!

last night i hung out with my friend indigo and her friends. we went to someone's housewarming party, but better than the party was our bike adventure in getting there. we tried to take a shortcut to indigo's friend's house that turned into an hour-long detour through the rich suburbs of copenhagen and an itty-bitty forest. it was nice biking on uncrowded lanes, breathing the clean air and talking about everything with indigo. really hyggeligt.

actually, that party last night lent itself to some pretty good conversations. rune, indigo's friend, and i were talking about gay rights and danish politics and basically everything that's wrong with the world because we're in this transitory point right now: like all the big battles have been fought - the civil rights, gay rights, women's rights, etc. movements have already happened - but not everything is solved yet. and maybe by the time the next generation grows up, things will be better, gay marriage will be legal (not just in norway and sweden, but in denmark and the U.S., as well as anywhere and everywhere else, too) and universal healthcare will be a reality. but until then, our generation is just kind of wondering what to do. there are too many things to fix to feel like we can actually solve anything. where to begin? what to look at? who to go to for help? who's on my side here? so... it would be cool if there was, like, a movement for people who just want to do something productive. because i, like lots of my friends, am sick of sitting and waiting for things to happen. but i can't go out and storm the streets, protest during class, or participate in any hunger strikes because i'm too serious about things that may or not actually need to be done: getting A's in my classes, paying my cell phone bill, storing up my acorns for the winter that may or may not come.

so if i've learned anything in my three months here in denmark (besides how to ride a bike in a miniskirt and heels), it's that rich, developed countries with universal suffrage and cradle-to-grave healthcare have problems too. i'm not even going to start talking about immigration.



Barbara said...

I love your colorful and not-so-colorful-but intriguing photos in this post.

I have read that your generation is looking for ways to make the world a better place. I have to think that gaining multicultural experiences is a good place to start. Power to the (young) people!

Catherine said...

I looooooove you!!!!!

Ugh. I love you.
Also, great pictures.

Du är underbar.

P.S. I can't remember if I answered it yet, but Indians don't use napkins that much. Or if they do, it's just one per meal. They don't use toilet paper, though (!!!!). För seriös. I'm not culturally sensitive enough to take that step yet...