15 September 2009

just tryin' to get a can of beans and a bar of chocolate, man

so i found a bunch of nuts and dried fruit at netto today. i'm really excited, because almonds and dried apricots, as well as sunflower seeds and prunes, make for way better snacks than chocolate and sandwiches (which, by the way, are not at all mutually exclusive). i had previously found nuts and dried fruits in other grocery stores, but they were ridiculously expensive. $7.50 for a bag of dried apricots i could easily eat in one sitting? yeah, right. also, i wasn't really down with netto when i first got here, since i could never find the one in my neighborhood, and when i did eventually stumble upon some netto close to where i live, it was ridiculously disorganized, and i couldn't find a single can of beans in the entire store. but i'll the beans thing slide and admit that underestimating netto was probably the single-largest mistake i've made during my exchange thus far. maybe they don't have the chocolate soymilk that superbrugsen does, but they have everything else, like cheese, yogurt, chocolate, beer, and rugbrød (that dark, sour, thick, delicious danish bread. pumpernickel, maybe?) for way cheaper than anywhere else. the most expensive item on my receipt today? cheese, at $10 for a hefty block of it. cheese is so expensive here, but it's also sold in huge quantities. i don't know how to explain this except to say take a look at traditional danish foods.

for some reason, i've been cooking vegan for myself lately - not on purpose, just making food with whatever i have, which is usually rice or quinoa and some weird combination of vegetables. the other day i made this dank curry just with carrots, potatoes, garlic (is that weird?) mushrooms (weirder?!), coconut milk, and tons of curry powder. regardless, i put cheese all over practically everything i eat, so whatever.

i don't mind biking to the store to get groceries. i don't mind bringing my own bags or bagging my own food, although i am slow and tend to hold up the line. the difficult thing about grocery shopping here is getting all my groceries and myself back to my kitchen in one piece. i finally got a backpack, so now i can fill that with food instead of trying to stuff whatever i can't fit inside my grocery bags into my purse. then i have my basket, into which i put a bag of stuff, but it has to be certain stuff, or else i risk food flying out or my basket falling off. so stuff that is kind of heavy, but not so heavy that it makes my bike too front-heavy, goes into the basket: usually yogurt, milk, musli, and some veggies or whatever. last but not least is my back rack, where i strap a cloth grocery bag. this one is full of stuff that won't get crushed by the rack: beer, pasta, cans of tomatoes, etc. all in all, i'm getting a lot better at this grocery-shopping-by-bike thing. i have yet to lose any of my food, and i now only have to go grocery shopping once - maybe twice - a week.

also, i am getting a lot better at balancing on my bike going really, reallllly slowly. my seat is pretty high so i usually can't put my foot on the ground when i'm stopped (unless i'm wearing heels. hah!), so if i'm approaching a red light (i fucking hate red lights. i know they're good for the sake of safety, but seriously, whatever), i just go as slowly as i can in the last little stretch before the intersection. lots of the time it turns yellow before i have completely come to a stop, and i am able to continue on my way without dismounting. i still haven't figured out the step-through bike mount thing, though.

i just realized that i interrupt myself a lot.


Anonymous said...

good stories, dear. i am going to your house now and hopefully i will have some for you soon. love.


Barbara said...

Ha! I can totally relate (I hope you are not too offended by that). I just tried bike shopping myself for the first time this week and felt very Swedish with my toilet paper held in place on the back bike rack. I haven't mastered the slowing for red lights yet, I just get off the bike--and everyone else zooms past me when it turns green!

If not shopping at Netto is your biggest mistake so far, you are doing very well.

Barbara said...

I think that bread you are referring to is a dense rye bread, if you are talking about the kind with all the seeds and grain. Here it is usually more square than rounded, like it doesn't rise but keeps the pan shape. And yes, Catherine is my daughter. See you in December!