07 September 2009

wandering is a step beyond wondering

the past week has been busy and both relaxing and exciting. last tuesday i went to sweden for my last week of holidays, where i visited my host family for a couple of days and then spent a long weekend with friends.

i will never not live by the ocean.

the road home

i don't think this is one you want to eat.

tiny ecosystems

property line

it was fantastic to come back to göteborg, a city that i know and am comfortable with, but at the same time have forgotten so much about. so walking through göteborg in the misty, light midnight rain after a university pub on thursday evening with a bunch of new friends (friends of my friend lotten who i was visiting) was surreal, like watching a film that you've seen long enough ago to forget the details of, but remember them immediately as the story unfolds. and when i walked the city by myself, it wasn't difficult to recall certain tram stops (brunnsparken, kongsportsplatsen, valand) and the locations of certain shops and cafés. however, i was wishing for a bike the whole time i was there. walking and taking trams (spårvagnar) is so inefficient in comparison to biking!

i love canals, which is a big part of the reason why i love copenhagen and göteborg so much. göteborg was origninally modelled after amsterdam, if i remember correctly, by dutch tradesmen. or something.

the train station is mighty inviting on a rainy afternoon.

göteborg, sweden's second-largest city, is famous for its pop star håkan hellström, amusement park liseberg, and the hot dog with mashed potatoes on top. which, by the way, i've never eaten (although i have seen håkan hellström play at liseberg).

after spending thursday night at lotten's apartment, i met up with my friend sofia for fika (coffee and chit-chat) on friday morning. it was great to see sofia again, and we had lots to catch up on, as we're both in the midst of starting new chapters in our lives: making a rented place into a home, cooking, school, boys, girls, parents, everything. we spent so long fika-ing that we got some lunch together, too. then it was time for sofia to head back to her city and for me to meet back up with lotten and some of her friends for the drive out to the countryside (an island, rather) where we spent the weekend kayaking, eating delicious food, drinking tea (and wine), swimming in the ocean, and playing uno, among other things. it was a really relaxing weekend, and although i didn't know any of the other 10 people i was with except for lotten, i had a really great time. we stayed at a summer cottage that lotten's friend lotta's family owns. it was one of the coziest houses i've ever been in, with plenty of windows, lots of wood, and a big attic. someday i will live in a similar house (sustainably designed and built, of course), hopefully.

playing uno while waiting for dinner

kayaking in the maze of islands that make up sweden's west coast

bare feet and sunshine!

we stopped on an island for lunch. there were horses. we played with them.

then they decided they would follow us back to our kayaks, leading us to frantically hop in them and paddle away.

i kind of wanted to stay and hop onto a horse instead of into a kayak.

summer feelings.

i think raspberries are my favorite kind of berry.

since it is september, it really feels like fall. i know i've been saying that for the past few weeks, but i really noticed it in the swedish countryside: mushrooms and berries were popping out of the earth all over the place, and the ocean has an unmistakeable chill (not that we didn't jump in it in the middle of the night anyway). another sign of fall is the beginning of school: my classes started today - one of them, at least. it is - i think - a master's level course in written danish, in which we translate texts from our mother tongue into danish. the first text is about copenhagen's theme park, tivoli. the class is going to be a lot of work, but i like the teacher and i am going to learn a lot, so i'm really happy about it. also, i'm the only american in my class, which is awesome for two reasons: first, i get to meet people with different perspectives from myself (although most of my classmates are from europe), and second, we all speak danish - not english, as is the case with so many other exchange students - with each other.


emongev said...

jag saknar sverige =(

Catherine said...

I love the way you write.
It's midnight or something here (I'm too lazy to do the 10.5 hours math from the Minnesota time on my computer) and I'm trying to catch up on your blog. There's too much to comment on specifically, so I feel like I can't. I just want you to know I'm reading it!