05 October 2009


it's so cold. i'm not ready for this! i don't even own a pair of gloves ... yet. i went outside tonight in boots, jeans, a scarf, sweater, and jacket and promptly turned around and went back inside. i have a craving to see the stars.

another long and stimulating monday done. i got up early this morning to go to the store, since i ran out of some essential food over the weekend and didn't have any yogurt or passable breakfast food, not even bread. i awkwardly got there just before it opened and was surprised to see that i wasn't the only one waiting at 9.00 for fakta to open its doors. a woman walked by - everyone is wearing boots, gloves, and wool coats now - and smirked, "is there a sale?" no, just a bunch of hungry neighbors. grocery stores are closed on sundays.

it's nice to live somewhere where the leaves change colors.

i had a nice weekend. danced to the spice girls and went to a party with my new friend hannah, went on a søren kierkegaard-oriented walking tour of the city in awful (rain, wind, cold) weather with a hangover, got coffee and talked philosophy - and about how australians say "heaps" heaps - with my friend kristen, watched weird danish t.v, watched the wind blowing the rain horizontally out my window. normal, comfortable.

rainbow! this is not during the crazy blowing rain.

on wednesday i'm going to spain. that will be different. i have no idea what to expect except a different kind of confusion.

i've been thinking a lot lately about how i feel like everything in my life, that is to say, the total of things which i am experiencing or have experienced, is disconnected and, thus, disorienting. but i'm not the only one who feels like this; our whole society is disparate and disengaged - from what, i don't know. but søren kierkegaard was writing about this in the 1800s, and that reassures me. even in 1847 he wrote about a society in which the majority of individuals were disengaged from their true selves. and we think we have come so far!

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