28 October 2009

cornbread and peanut butter

inside my sweatshirt it is warm. when i lean over, heat spills out into the cold night. it's hard to believe that winter is two months distant.

after all, there are still leaves on the ground. everywhere.

but this is a view of a lake at 4 p.m.

one of my best friends from santa cruz just left copenhagen after visiting me and our mutual santa cruz friend for a week. it was fantastic to spend so much time with people from "home" and share the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of our city with our visitor. we spent a lot of time hanging out, drinking tea and cooking as well. seekay left me with a jar of peanut butter, and today i had the most wholeheartedly "american" meal i've probably had in years: peanut butter smeared on bananas, with a side of cornbread with honey. when i was younger i didn't really like peanut butter or bananas. but luckily with age i've chilled out a little, and that has extended to my tastes in food. cornbread, though, i've always loved. i baked some last night, and it was probably the most perfect thing i've ever made. it came out of the oven steaming and perfectly formed, with a crispy, smooth surface.

we did a lot of walking

and some cuddling.

the three of us also got smørrebrød - danish open-faced sandwiches - today. they didn't disappoint. mine was a piece of heavy rye bread slathered with goat cheese and a relish made of dried fruits and nuts. it was my first traditional danish smørrebrød; i'd only ever made them myself before, both at home and in the school cafeteria.

the school cafeteria is in this building

but real smørrebrød looks like this.

i checked the times for the sunrise and sunset tomorrow. 7.09 a.m. and 4.37 p.m. it's been dark for five of the twelve hours i've been awake today. something is wrong with this picture. no, the AFS slogan is ingrained in my head for life: it's not right, it's not wrong, it's just different. i think the other exchange students hate me for spewing this gibberish all the time.

so what do i do since it's dark all the freaking time? i light candles. and i finally bought some yeast, and i'm going to start baking bread.

as it gets darker, the danish hygge instinct gets stronger. we spent about an hour lingering over dinner tonight. i'm looking forward to winter in a way. after all, it can't get a whole lot colder than this.


Barbara said...

Yum, cornbread! We are thinking of putting on a chili and cornbread feed for fellow internationals. And this weekend I am going to serve pumpkin pie to a bunch of Swedes. Do you think they will like it, or will there be a lot of leftovers for us Americans to enjoy?

I agree it really feels dark now, especially with the overcast sky.

maya said...

i think they will love (at least the idea of) it! the danes i've talked to about american holiday traditions are always really curious about pumpkin pie :)

and chili and cornbread sounds delicious!