24 October 2009

it's 2:32 a.m. on a sunday but the time is about to change.

i wasn't aware that it was time to fall back until i was told a few hours ago at a friend's house. i just came home by bus - only the second time i've taken the bus in copenhagen - and am listening to the sweet tinkles of yann tiersen's amelie soundtrack. i wish i could play accordian. i tried once, but i lacked dedication and arm straps. what i really want is a toy xylophone. if only i had a toy xylophone, my life would be complete. a toy xylophone, no more cell phone bills, and a house in the hills on the sea.

my friend seekay has been visiting me and our friend allie for the last few days, so we've been doing lots of fun things. today we went on a canal tour of the city (they're so relaxing), ate at copenhagen's best bakery (where i am trying to get a job, but keep being told that they just don't have any spots open), and climbed the tallest spire in copenhagen, vor frelsers kirke. the closer to the top you get, the ricketier the stairs get until you finally end up on a skinny balcony with a gold railing overlooking the city. then you keep going up the slippery copper stairs and crane your head to try to get a glimpse of the gold globe at the top of the spire, holding onto your hat all the while because the wind is trying to snatch it away from you. and the mist gets into your eyes even though you are wearing glasses, and you hold onto the railing even though it's so cold you think you won't be able to remove your hand from it when it's finally time to descend that staircase. you descend only after you've gotten a 360 degree panoramic view of the city, located your house, nearby metro stations, canals, flower shops, and cafes, and picked out where you'd most like to live, if you could choose any building in copenhagen.

i've seen the city from so many different angles today: by foot, by boat, from the tippy-top of a church, and from a bus. it's so strange seeing the city by bus - it passes by too quickly to get a feeling for the individuality of the neighborhoods. it's strange, also, that i traveled by virtually every mode of transport except bicycle today. i think seeing the city by boat is my favorite, or at least seems the most logical to me, as the whole city is based on a network of canals.

in other news, i shaved my head. actually, seekay and allie buzzed it for me. it feels gooood. it's cold outside but i have some really good hats and a lot of scarves. i like not really having hair and being able to see my natural color again. a new start. the first time i washed my hair after buzzing it i accidentally used at least four times as much shampoo as i needed to. oops.

allie hacking away at my dreads

this is just hilarious

seekay cleaning my head up in a slow but sure process

i only had my disposable camera with me for all the touristy stuff we did today, so i don't have any beautiful copenhagen pictures to share right now. but soon i will have some on film, which is even better.

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