21 October 2009

shrouded in a rare fog

what i loved about the City was the novelty. that there was always a weekend full of great adventures - hills to climb and double yellows to straddle, buses to chase and bottles to empty - and at the end of it all, before the novelty wore off, i got to go home, take a shower, go to sleep, and wake up refreshed. the novelty of this city has long since worn off - stained, like everything else of mine, with bicycle grease - and i haven't chased it. i don't ask where it's gone. there is a lot to see, but nothing strange about any of it.

this is why i will never live in san francisco.

i haven't changed my earrings in like six months and there is a stream of green gunk coming out of my nose. better out than in, right? my sinuses are clogged all the way to the insides of my ears and when i woke up at 7:45 this morning for no reason at all it was still dark, dark, dark outside.


becky said...

i feel incomplete without your monthly visits.

maya said...

i miss you like i can't even tell you