17 November 2009

first things first

today the sky cleared up - for parts of the day, at least - and i saw the sun for the first time in weeks. it filled me with a rush of energy and i realized exactly what i've been missing.

blue sky!

then my mom left. it was fantastic having her visit after not seeing her for nearly five months. it didn't hurt that she brought me practically a whole suitcase full of things i've been longing for from california: refried beans, tapatio, chocolate chips, acrylic paints, my ukulele, and some clothes! it was like christmas. only better.

while she was here, we did lots of good stuff. like exploring copehagen, climbing the round tower, taking a canal tour (of course), sampling danish beers, and seeing a ballet at the royal theater. we also spent the weekend at my host family's house in sweden, which was lovely as only going home can be.

touristas. nyhavn.

it rained pretty much nonstop all last week. of course, it got nice when we left for sweden. but until then, we just did a lot of exploring in a drizzle.

then we got dressed up and went to the ballet.

girls' night.

we saw a danish ballet called napoli. it's an old story, but it was set in the 60s and was very dynamic. last i checked, i wasn't really into going to the theater, but this was really cool. the whole show was really fast-paced and the costumes and music - not to mention dancing, god - were amazing.

this is a rugbolle, a roll of typical danish dark, sour bread. like pumpernickel, i guess. it's dense and delicious.

we tried to climb that tower, but it was closed for the season, so we went to christiania instead. not a lot going on there on a thursday morning.

smørrebrød, yum. more rugbrød and lots of butter.

although we couldn't climb the tallest spire in the city, we did climb the round tower. i could have hung out there all day.

then we went to gothenburg. i love that city so much. and, conversely, this type of stuff is exactly what i love about copenhagen.

in gothenburg we met up with my "other" family, my swedish host family, and went to liseberg (an amusement park) together.

at home at their house, we had lots of treats and chill time. it was great. i always love coming home to their house.

it was really great to play tourist in my own town for a week. i've gotten so used to living here that i don't really take in the sights anymore, focusing instead on just getting where i'm going without even thinking. so showing my mom my københavnsk life was eye-opening for me, as well, and on our walks around town, many parts of the city fell into place in my mental map. and i finally rode copenhagen's "wheel of excellence" last night after having wondered for a while what the hell it's doing right by vesterport station.


Barbara said...

Overcast with drizzle--the best part of November in Scandinavia--NOT!

Glad you had a nice visit showing your mom around this week.

I wonder how Catherine will do with her India-MN-Sweden travels next month! Double culture and weather shock!

becky said...

i love the picture of you and your mom. you are both so beautiful!

maya said...

barbara - november is the worst! at least after december it gets better...

and i'm sure catherine will fare fantastically with adapting. she's a capable girl!!

becky - i love YOU.