30 November 2009

the holidays have begun

i have to do this in a list because too much has happened in the past week and a half to sort it out any other way.

1. there was a week of concerts. i saw monsters of folk, the dodos, and port o'brien all in copenhagen within the span of a week. i saw monsters of folk because it was something fun to do on a friday night and because i mostly just really like m. ward. the dodos were a lot of fun even though i've hardly listened to them, and as always it was fantastic to see port o'brien (for the umpteengazillionth - or just tenth - time) since they have made it out of our hometown and into the big bad world of rock stardom. it was bizarre seeing people i know from home in copenhagen - in a totally awesome way, of course. lots of dancing and yelling ensued.

the dodos - i really want to play this instrument

fantastic fun port o'brien. it was almost exactly a year since last seen them, at the crepe place in santa cruz. somehow all this did not make me homesick. i was precisely in the right place at the right time.

of course there was some stage-dancing during "i woke up today"!

2. thursday was thanksgiving. it was also the night port o'brien played copenhagen. in order to celebrate this properly, two of my best friends and i - one american transplant living in sweden, and one dane who's spent a fair amount of time in the U.S. - decided that we needed to make a gigantic, delicious, and vegan dinner. which we did. patch and i spent all day thursday cooking, then indigo came over with her contributions. eventually more people showed up and we ate. we were nine in the end. i thought there wouldn't be enough food, but i still have leftovers. the salads, homemade bread, raw pumpkin pie, and zucchini muffins are gone, but i still have a fridge full of mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, veggie stuffing made with rye bread, and a root bake with some apples for good measure. everybody brought wine and got along splendidly despite the fact that we all speak a variety of nordic languages: we were two and a half americans, five and a half danes (one guy is half-american, half-danish), and an icelander who lives in sweden. in fact, i think saying "got along" is an understatement. it was a fantastic time. after polishing off a few bottles of wine, most of us rolled out our bikes to see port o'brien. ah yes. the feeling i got from all of this was that my home is altogether portable. this year i was especially thankful for friendship (and especially for friends who cook with/for me).

the supplies in my awesome (industrial) kitchen. 2 giant zucchinis? check. liter of olive oil? check. bottle of wine? check.

patch with his zooks all the way from his little swedish farm.

the finished product. i had never cooked so much before! let alone all vegan... and 100% delicious.


i just love this picture, not least because these guys are both named rune (and they are both super nice).

my plate

3. on friday afternoon, my friend elisha came from berlin. we spent the weekend doing great touristy things and basically being girls together. we posed for pictures with the little mermaid (which really is not such a great idea, especially in the winter, because the statue is a little ways out in the water and the water is cooold if you slip in, but it really actually is a good idea anyway), saw the whole city by foot, watched the top of the city christmas tree explode in fireworks, treated ourselves to girly drinks in oh-so-hip nørrebro, got brunch, and visited malmö (in sweden) for a day. it was great to hang out with a friend from santa cruz and speak some "california english" (e.g., "it's totally sick that the little mermaid is hella hot.")


not gonna lie: this unicorn is probably what made me decide to live in copenhagen.

cafe cozy.

good trip!

4. i'm done with half of my classes for the semester: i had my last kierkegaard lecture today, and all that remains is to write a 15-page paper. i have one more danish lesson, and then an exam in two weeks. the exam is going to be nuts: six hours to translate two pages from english to danish. i wish i had a dictionary of idioms. do those exist? anyway, i've started dreaming in danish sometimes and i think way too much about word order, even in english now. i think this crazy language is starting to click.

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