04 November 2009


i finally got out of copenhagen for twenty-four hours. in the countryside, i felt so much calmer and more natural. since virtually all of my time spent in denmark is spent in copenhagen, i tend to use the two place names interchangably. yet, although both the capital city and the broader country are populated by swans, not all of denmark lies within copenhagen's boundaries.

i took a red train up to hillerød, a suburb of copenhagen, yesterday morning, where my good friend indigo picked me up. the temperature was hovering near zero (i'm talking centigrade, of course) and i was happy to warm my feet up in her heated car. from there we drove to her cottage just outside of gilleleje, a summer vacation town, on a road lined with trees ready to shed their crimson and gold leaves in the heavy wind. the car ride, the countryside, and the particular company were a treat, as none of them are things i get to experience very often.

gilleleje is at the tippy-top of the island that copenhagen is on, on the coast.

we spent the time at indigo's cottage cozying ourselves with dozens of lit tealights, cups of tea, conversation, and raw food. i learned how to make almond milk and picked a huge bag of apples from a tree with three different species hanging heavy from its branches. i feel like i can't emphasize the word "winter" enough. the apple tree, bereft of leaves, was just waiting to let its last fruit fall. direct from the tree, the apples were icy; their juice cold as if straight out of the refrigerator. i never feel like i have to wash food when it comes directly from the earth.

such a cozy place.

it turns out that making almond milk is really easy. you just need a blender and something to strain with. it's also really delicious.

summer house in winter mode.

i love fruit trees. this one has three kinds of apples. i climbed it. it was probably the most natural action i've performed in months.

i came back to a city being sprinkled with snow. as the afternoon sun waned, the flurries grew more forceful. long dark now, the snow has ceased, and it hasn't stuck to the ground. but it's enough to know that it did fall, that i was able to stick my arm out my fourth-floor window and bring it back inside covered in icy flecks.

today was a three-cups-of-tea day.


Barbara said...

I agree! When you live in the city, a little countryside does wonders for the soul.

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