08 November 2009

deep autumn

a strange thing has happened: something has shifted in my body, and i am beginning to be used to the cold. seven degrees centigrade is nothing to worry about; yesterday topped out at nine: it was so warm that i didn't have to wear boots and spent the entire afternoon walking around in tennis shoes and thin cotton socks for the first time in some weeks. on top of that, it was sunny. the kind of sunny day where the mundane is sharp and illuminated and even the sight of an exhausted child toppling over behind his mother on the sidewalk is enough to turn up the corners of your lips in a grim - because you, too, know what it is to fall.

i've been walking a lot for the past few days because my bike has a flat. not only does it have a flat, but the back tire is ripped. there is a huge gash in it, although that's probably from me trying to ride my bike on a flat tire before realizing it was flat. it's just one more thing to take care of, like buying black beans watering my plants trying a samosa from the shop down the street going to that other shop for that toy xylophone translating that page and picking my mother up at the airport!

(my mom is coming tonight. i am sooo excited.)

but i have been really enjoying the walking. when i walk i see the city in a slower way, with a vision that i never manage to take in while biking because no matter how hard i look, i always have to keep one eye in the bike lane. copenhagen's a good city for walking. it's a civilized place: the sidewalks are broad and in good shape, and besides, it's beautiful.

so i've been walking and taking a lot of pictures.

love leaf

islands brygge with its smoke and fog

bikes, bears, and busty ladies go well together

bare branches

this is at my school. i'm not sure what it means, but it makes me giggle.

let's take a second to remember that in denmark, everything must be adorable at all times. which would explain why they have hearts on their money.

i went to see a danish hip-hop band called praksis with indigo the other night. her brother actually plays drums in the band, but anyway. they were really good, really energetic. i really liked the place where they played - obviously it was super cozy. i'm also a big fan of rapping in danish even though i can hardly understand any of it.

everyone in my kitchen is always baking, so i've decided that i should try, too. last night i made an apple cobbler, which was delicious and so easy. today i decided to try bread, which was not as easy. having never baked bread before, i was unaware that hot liquid could kill the yeast and regarded instructions saying "lukewarm" milk as unimportant until i realized my bread still hadn't risen even after being left to its own devices for over an hour. i rolled some of it into a loaf, the rest of it into rolls topped with dried apricot chunks and sunflower seeds, and stuck it all in the oven anyway. it's damn heavy but pretty good. next time i am forfeiting heated milk for lukewarm tapwater.

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