03 December 2009

as if the weather gods know it is december now

it has been icy-cold and even somewhat clear these last few days. today it was overcast but on tuesday it was gloriously sunny, all lego-yellow buses glowing against the electric blue sky with the smell of æbleskiver chasing diesel through the crisp air. the temperature hovers just above freezing, waiting to fall as the countdown to christmas grows shorter and shorter.

one way to count down: a cookie advent calendar my friend laura and i made for our kitchen. i love our kitchen.

christmas is really pervades everything here. it could take you over if you didn't watch out. in fact, i kind of think the greater danish population turns into christmas robots around the end of november. and there are christmas trees everywhere - on the streets, in the city squares, in my university, outside of the metro stations, at my bank, even in café doorways. and i'm not talking about any of that fake christmas tree bullshit. these are real trees with prickly needles that you can smell if you step close enough. i can only think about how many christmas tree farms denmark must have.

one of the jultræer that are taking over copenhagen... on the deck of a boat that is a hotel.

there's also an advent calendar on t.v. four, in fact: two for children, and two for adults. it's not like they don't have advent calendars full of chocolates that you can buy in grocery stores (yum!), but they also have special t.v. programs in the twenty-four days counting down to christmas. obviously, they begin on december first and run until christmas eve. basically the entire country watches them. i saw two last night: one kids' one and one for adults. the kids' one was full of morals, social lessons, and elves, whereas the adult one was more a finely-honed display of danish black humor in which all the characters (for last night's episode, an old man, his son, a prostitute, and an immigrant) are played by one actor. last night's episode involved the announcement that the old man's hot dog wagon had been destroyed (by whom? who knows!) and the arrival of the immigrant who offered to fix it for free. then we found out that the old man's son had gotten the prostitute pregnant! i can't wait to see what happens tonight!

elisha brought me a gummy alphabet from berlin. before i devoured the majority of the bag, i played with the letters for a while, despite a serious lack of vowels.

winter in christianshavn.

my island from across a sort of lake thing that used to protect copenhagen from its attackers.

there are a lot of swans in copenhagen.

i saw a little danish band called the rumour said fire play at ideal bar at vega last night with my friend nina. it was a nice show. the idea was that it was a "quiet concert" where everyone sat and listened to the music. it worked really well except that all of their songs except one sounded the same and the audience got bored. but still, it was really nice music. perfect background or middle-of-a-mix-tape music. on saturday i am going to see the raveonettes at big vega! i am so excited. i've seen them before (at bimbo's in san francisco around this time last year) but they've just put out a new album and it will be awesome to see them in their homeland. i hope. whatever. they're awesome regardless. this is, after all, what i came to the city for.


Barbara said...

Your Advent cookie looks delicious!

maya said...

thanks, barbara! it is!