31 December 2009

in summary

today is the last day of the year, the last day of the last ten-year segment of our lives, a full moon, and a blue moon. i have a cabinet full of party poppers and it's only fitting that outside my wall of a window i can see the canal frozen over in minus two degree weather and the sun's futile attempts at lighting up the city. even at 11 o'clock it looks like we've barely shivered past sunrise: the light holds the same power over the land that it did in the summer, except it's much more subtle now. i'm ecstatic to see the gentle sheen of it against a fifth-floor window. it feels like the planet is shutting down. things are dying! the canal is frozen, i tell you! but as a friend told me, no, things are just resting. getting ready for spring. as am i.

the last two weeks have been busy busy busy. my friend cody came for a visit; he's still here and i'm happy for his company.

we saw the nutcracker at the royal theater. it was awesome.

snow came to copenhagen and we played in it.

basically, my "i just biked three miles in the snow and it feels like my fingers have fallen off my hands inside my gloves, and i don't even know if my nose is still on my face" face

cody found a cargo bike on kongens nytorv. when in copenhagen...

we celebrated the winter solstice, then we got on a train headed for the swedish west coast.

once there, we spent four days celebrating christmas with my swedish family, which involved a fantastic amount of cakes, cookies, christmas candies, and quality time. and of course kalle anka (donald duck) on christmas.

my host dad and niece

santa and his lady came to give out the presents

it was so good to spend christmas with my swedish family again; the last time i did that i thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. but coming full circle was even better. the traditions felt clearer and i remembered a lot of things that i hadn't even realized i'd forgotten, like how to make ischoklad, and how you sign your presents with "wishes" instead of "from".

the road from my host family's house to town, a comforting sight made nicer by the snow

while up in sweden we even managed to meet up with a bunch of my old school friends, most of whom i hadn't seen in two and a half years. that was good, really good, even though the music sucked and the beer was expensive. it was extremely satisfying and exciting to reconnect with people that i virtually haven't had any contact with in the past couple of years, and just to catch up.

on our way back to copenhagen, we stopped in lund to visit catherine, one of my best friends, who i hadn't seen - again - in over two years. she picked cody and i up at the train station and we picked up right where we had left off. i got to meet her boyfriend and lovely family, who had us over for dinner. that was the closest i've come to feeling homesick in months, maybe just from feeling the "homeyness" that comes from being in someone's home that isn't my own.

it's good to be back in copenhagen. all the snow that fell just before we left has melted but it's still just as cold (and just as painful to bike). the next celebration is new year's eve. tonight. i don't really care what i do or what party i go to - the only thing that matters to me is being with my friends, which i know i will be. so it's going to be a great one.

peace, love, and sunlight for the new year!

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