07 December 2009

no time like the present

i'm dizzy from my ride home in the rain, biking through the wet dark, hardly feeling the barrage of raindrops thanks to my hot pink helmet. i signal a right turn with my gloved hand, following the woman ahead of me. make eye contact with a stranger outside of tivoli in passing. we share smiles, secrets.

i know i've been in copenhagen for too long because i don't mind the rain anymore - if i even notice it - except for the fact that the drops on my glasses dangerously obstruct my vision. it's been raining more often than not since july. i wish it would snow already.

the hardest thing about moving to a new city is that the people you meet - because doubtlessly you will meet people, sooner or later - don't need you like you need them. they need haircuts, vodka, nightclubs, brunch just like you do, but they don't need your company.

thousands of words lose their meaning any given second. i am hung up on describing the connection between the eternal and universal according to the greatest thinker denmark has ever had (and probably will ever have). my preoccupation with danish grammar - correctly positioning adverb in front of helping verb in front of main verb - has wormed its way into english. kan. ikke. tænke. helping verb, adverb, main verb?

classes are over. exams are coming. so is obama. again. i hope they don't close langebro and isolate us from the mainland.


Barbara said...

It does get to be a drag always being the new kid on the block; the weather doesn't help. If it's any consolation, I am really looking forward to meeting you!

I should get out of the house and pick up a Metro to see what they have to say about the Climate conference that started yesterday across the sound. Wonder what kind of press it is getting in the US.

I find it fascinating how much social pressure there is here to live "green". The infrastructure is such a tremendous foundation: public transportation, bike lanes, tunnels to keep peds and bikers from having to cross busy traffic. Hard to envision how it could work in rural America.

maya said...

yes, actually, i love my life here, but i think this is a universal exchange student/expat thing: you look for your niche in your new "home" but don't know where to find it. of course you could stick with other exchange students and expats (groups that hold themselves together for the most part, in my experience) or you could go out on a limb...

i am really looking forward to meeting you, too!

there is a lot going on here in cph around the climate conference: discussion panels, free concerts, documentaries... too much too keep track of, really!

it's remarkable how "green" or "progressive" scandinavia is (compared to the u.s., at least) but that there is still a very strong sense that it's not enough... and probably never will be.

Indigo moon said...

I NeeD your company!
ps im gonna be your neighbourgh by the end of this month!

michaela said...

hej maya! javisst, malmö är ju så fint! kommer förmodligen flytta dit i augusti.

hur går dina studier i köpenhamn? trivs du? är imponerad över hur du alltid vågar slänga dig ut i världen för att lära dig ett nytt språk (till!) och träffa nya människor. ha det fint!