04 January 2010

godt nyt år

i'm remembering a time when it was too warm for jeans and sweaters, when the sun reached into every corner and afternoons - fresh off the boat - were passed with beers in parks. it all seems so impossible now: long walks through the city before i knew where i was going, stumbling around the corner and upon a new bar, jumping into the harbor pool, eating strawberries. the memory of it all feels like an anomaly in my concept of scandinavia. it's hard to believe that the sun is on its way back. i keep telling myself, the days are getting longer, trying to replace nostalgia with hope.

so far it's a happy new year. one with lots of walks, although through the snow rather than almost-tangible sunlight. actually, we've had a fair amount of sun, but as the sun never makes it more than a third of the way up the sky, the light deceives and makes it feel like early morning even at one in the afternoon. living here is forcing me to admit how much i am controlled by the seasons.

i rang in the new year - a once-in-a-blue-moon year - with friends new and old here at my dorm. we had dinner, exploded party poppers, lit a cake on fire with sparklers, danced, shouted, and generally enjoyed ourselves.

blue moon rising at three in the afternoon

lovely dinner with fantastic party poppers and good company

some of the party poppers exploded with clown noses. catherine and wade are good models.


getting close to midnight

cody and i are stoked

i've come to the conclusion that danes are pyros. here lars and kenny light the sparklers on a kransekage, which is eaten at midnight on new year's.

at midnight we went to the balcony of my building to watch the fireworks from the entire city. it was quite the panorama. lots of explosions of red and lit-up clouds and a big round moon. fireworks have been going off here nonstop since i got back from sweden just after christmas. even today people are still shooting them off. i might add that it's a monday and four days after new year's eve. but i guess this is the only time of year during which fireworks - big ones - are legal, so you have to make the most of it.

i am so relieved that i am staying here for a year. i can't wait to see what spring is like. there is light at the end of this snow-filled wind tunnel!