10 January 2010

h.c. andersen must have written so much about swans for a reason

today i walked down to the harbor to see off the last of the day's sunlight. catherine had just left to go back to sweden and i was out without my cell phone, wallet, or, for once, my camera. of course, today of all days, the swans showed up on the frozen harbor, accompanied by ducks testing the slippery ice with their flat feet like a bunch of uncertain drunks. the swans were mostly gliding around in the near-freezing saltwater while the ducks poked at the ice, looking for things to eat. i can't believe the harbor freezes. frozen saltwater simultaneously weirds me out and amazes me. i had to fight a very, very strong urge to climb down the wall, skip over the rocks, and touch the ice.

these pictures are from a walk with my friend lisi last week.

the south harbor before freezing

big eyes reflecting the sky

christiania's warehouse is awesome and makes me want to make things.

nyhavn in the process of freezing


hardly a tourist to be seen at nyhavn - it's too cold and none of the cafes have outdoor seating anymore

pancakes at tietgen (a taste of home)

cozy evening in town

it was great having catherine here for a weekend. it's great to reconnect with old friends. duh. but nonetheless, i am so happy about the start this year is off to. we've had so many days of blue sky and sunshine and although it's a lot colder when it's clear, it makes the days a hundred times more pleasant, as it breaks up the monotony that pervades the weeks of grey skies turning black and then grey again. so lots of exploring has been going on under these giant blue nordic skies. i don't start school for another three weeks but somehow time is passing so, so quickly.


Indigo moon said...

omg the 'two love-pigeons' picture is amazing!

maya said...

they were posing perfectly!