20 January 2010

kid in a candy store

lund (sweden) has the best candy store i've ever been in, better even than the candy counter in cayucos. the reason lund's candy store (i can't even remember its name) is so amazing is because of the sheer ridiculousness of it. what kind of a candy shop needs neon lights lining the individual bulk candy boxes or an entire wall-length refrigerator full of coca-cola?

why does a candy store need to sell tobacco? why are the chips all stuffed into a nook (admittedly a giant nook)? and how, just how, am i supposed to bypass an entire wall stocked with haribo gummy candy without giving into the temptation of chewy german fruit-flavored goodness? oh, as it turns out, the "nature candies" (that is, banana chips, chocolate covered raisins, dried strawberries, etc.) serve as a good distraction, and that real fruit is more delightful than fruit-flavored anything.

last time i walked out of there it was with probably a few hundred grams of chocolate-covered goodness, dried fruit (papaya, yum!), and only a couple of sour strips. good god.

and here is catherine with her loot.

sun in the north is to be taken advantage of. we went for a good walk.

then lotten came down from gothenburg. we went to a party in some student apartments that remind me of what i am used to student housing being, namely a little bit jenky but oh-so-cozy.

i guess i've been in lund kind of a lot lately. visiting friends there, making friends there. trading stories, crashing on the couch, borrowing guitars, walking around in the dark and finally settling back down in dear old copenhagen where we don't feel the aftershocks of any earthquakes but i meet more people, including several from the wonderful and ever-enchanting santa cruz, and spend great lengths of dark days eating pototoes, beets, and scones, and talking about the things we know and don't. plans are made and before you know it another cup of tea is made and by then the sun is practically up.

back in copenhagen and riding my bike in the dark around 4 p.m. minus 1 (30 degrees fahrenheit) is really not so bad, especially when it's not windy.

i've been all over the city these last few days. i keep gravitating back to christiania for the fresh veggies and peace of mind. it's one of the few places in the city where i can be and experience the kind of quiet that you only get when you can't hear cars. assistens kirkegård is another one of those places, a huge cemetery where such danish heroes as hans christian andersen and søren kierkegaard are buried. i went there on monday and saw kierkegaard's grave and, on it, footsteps in the snow where someone had stepped to brush off his tombstone. fenced in and nestled among scattered trees of various ages and varieties, it was poetic, both somber and lively: on a monday afternoon the graveyard was full of people walking their dogs, children, and bikes, as well as runners, students like us, and quiet onlookers.

søren kierkegaard's grave - confronted not only with existence, but also history.


walking on the ice on the lakes with three other santa cruz kids in the capital city of a small social-democratic european kingdom. go figure.

also, this city is so gorgeous.

lisi's birthday! celebrations ensued. wine was drunk and delicious cake devoured. and yes, that's a sparkler.

serious talk/trying so hard not to laugh.

letting the days go by, letting the water hold me down. letting the days go by, water flowing underground... "once in a lifetime" by the talking heads has been one of my favorite songs for years. it is still dead-on perfect. talk about clarity - there is water at the bottom of the ocean!


Samantha Price said...

i love your blog baby girl!!. and lisi's face in this last picture is amazing! she is going to crack.

maya said...

ah, i have some great pictures from that night!