26 January 2010

same as it ever was

cheeks nipped by a heartless wind -
in the artificial light on the snow-covered canal a man stands alone

sun fast dwindling it's summer
in the southern hemisphere; sao paulo
and rio don't look so far apart on paper

achingly early tomorrow morning i leave for four days in berlin, which i hope will be a stimulating respite from my now all-too-familiar territory. it's going to be awfully cold there. i am packing all my warmest clothes. i put all my trust into wool.

i've just realized that i've been dreading winter literally for months and that i don't actually hate the experience of winter nearly so much as i loathe the idea by being overcome by it. yet here we are over a month in and yes it's cold but this is it. this is all there is. days of snow and ice and misty breaths and thankfully sometimes sun poking through the grey. it's not so bad (but man, i can't wait for spring).


alisha said...

my name is alisha, i'm from ucsd and i've been doing some research about studying abroad. i'm considering KU and Lund... my main concern is i've always wanted to study abroad in a big city and while copenhagen is a bigger cultural city than lund, i was worried about its campus dynamics.. how it's spread out in a big city, etc. do you think it has the same kind of campus town/studen activities as lund does? it seems like you've been to lund a lot too.. if you're not to busy, i would love to hear about your thoughts via e-mail. my e-mail addy is alishaylee@gmail.com
thanks, i look forward to hearing from you!

-- alisha

alisha said...

definitely learning a lot from reading your blog!