23 January 2010

this is not about copenhagen (but copenhagen is about all this & more)

if i could do just one near perfect thing / i would be happy

(belle and sebastian, if she wants me)

i've been listening to a lot of bands starting with "b" lately. namely the above and beach house.

yeah, well. life is a lot better with speakers, i have to admit.

we were sitting on the floor talking and laughing in our stocking feet when lena walked by and poked her head in through the open door.

"i thought you were painting your nails!" she exclaimed upon seeing our painting party.

there was spraypaint on wood but not on the (concrete) floor or walls. there were acrylics and even watercolors. hell, there was even enough sunlight for us to see what we were doing without artificial lighting!

there is this:

later in the kitchen ture asked if we'd been swimming.

"no," we said. "just trashing." it's true that most of the food's packaging smelled like chlorine. actually, probably only a quarter of it. but those oranges were indisputably delicious. and the beets, too.

my hands are freezing up as i'm typing because i have the window open. spraypaint fumes linger and my newly-painted fingernails don't help.

if there's anything i'm learning here, it's the value of community - a funny thing to learn in a city that's almost too big to ever run into anyone i know on the street.


Anonymous said...

Was this picture taken inside of a dorm room at tietgan?

maya said...

yes indeed