14 February 2010

adaptation/obsessed with the weather

adaptation, n. the action or process of adapting or being adapted; a change by which an organism or species becomes better suited to its environment; the process of making such changes.

i go through phases of output, of producing, when i can't stop making things, even if they are very small. i also go through the opposite, when i am transformed into a sponge that, though enabled with a brain to do what it pleases with, just absorbs everything in the vicinity. right now i am taking in, absorbing, close to saturated, gasping for breaths of colder-than-freezing nordic air. i am reading about the concepts of nordicness and scandinavianness. that they, like language, are socio-political constructions based in nothing but an outdated romantic idea. hah! and this is what we call fact.

so i'm having a pretty hard time writing anything more than a scattered fragment or two. it's like since i've gotten back into the system of taking notes for class again, i can't spell anything out in any form but bullet-points.

as for adaptation: that's what we're all doing here (this is me identifying myself as belonging to a group known as international students). and we're all excellent at it for the same reasons that we are (thankfully) excellent at breathing and using our dexterous fingers and even our small, conditioned minds. if someone had told me three years ago that i would be living by myself in an apartment in a city, not eating gluten or dairy, and running in the snow (okay, not while it's snowing, but there's snow on the ground), i would have laughed in their face. i would have reminded them that i can't live without burritos or jumping in the ocean anytime i feel like it, without feeling sun on my stomach in march and a ground-floor window. but here i am. remarkable.

and enjoying it! so enjoying it. we've come around the bend. spring is coming; we're more than halfway there. fastelavn - kind of the danish version of halloween/carnival - was today, and it marks the midpoint between winter and spring. also, the sun doesn't set until 5:12 now. whew.

this is what it looked like at the end of our last totally clear (brilliant) day.

i like this picture. lisi, loppen, christiania, during fanfarlo concert.

and it's been fashion week here in cph.

i don't really know what that means except for a lot of people buying things, runway shows somewhere, and girls in leather pants and heels way too high for cobblestones striding down the middle of non-pedestrian streets.

oh, and model mannequins! it was great, they were moving around and laughing and generally looked like they were having fun.

and a dog named baguette (although maybe that was totally normal).

there's still like a foot of snow on the ground.

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