24 February 2010

godt tilpas

i love my mornings here. either i have class at eight and i'm out of bed at seven, pulling open the curtains to see if the sun is showing any signs of making an appearance - yes, the days are getting noticeably longer now - then pulling on my tights, which i've been wearing under jeans and leggings alike all winter, before downing some fruit and filling a jar with tea for lecture, or i wake up slow, savoring the flavor of winter. the thing i like best about right now, february in the north, is the feeling of wool against cotton where my legs meet my feet, muting my footsteps as i pad across the ever-cold concrete floor. sometimes i lie in bed with a book for a while before rising. if it's sunny, the yellow hue will penetrate my grey curtain, otherwise, the grey of daylight will simply be intensified.

some of the people who live in my building have never seen the canal beneath my window because it's been covered by snow the entire time they've been here. and it is a bit unreal that the winter wonderland has lasted this long - all the danes say so. we're steadily nearing march and i've been dreaming of an escape to morocco to get back in touch with the sun, but it's looking like that's not going to happen, thanks to some internet travel agent troubles. (an aside: don't ever buy tickets through edreams: they're not only entirely unreliable, but also entirely sketchy, scammy, and just overall bad news.) so i am loving the fickle north for all it has to offer instead.

went to see the little mermaid one last time before they sent her off to the world expo in shanghai.

this time, the ocean is frozen.

little bits of street art.

this is my university, which i've been meaning to take pictures of for months. it's very modern and might as well be from a different planet than UC santa cruz.

snow, snow, snow, bikes. what else is new?

today i went to this museum, called thorvaldsen's museum, mostly because it's free on wednesdays and i needed to do some exploring. i didn't know what kind of a museum it was, exactly, and was awed when i was confronted with giant marble men with weapons on horses upon walking into the first hall. and that was only the beginning. the atmosphere was like that of a church crossed with an art gallery, all quiet, heels clicking, and attention to detail. this is when i am reminded how cool it is to live in a capital city for once.

this guy was cool, although maybe not so impressive as the statues that were four times life size.

and since i'm spending so much time indoors instead of going on great outdoorsy adventures, i've been painting some silly things.

magpies won't stay still for you long enough to take a picture of them, so i had to make a painting instead.

there's something about the deep sea.

of course denmark's national bird is a swan. this is, after all, the land of the ugly duckling.


Barbara said...

1. Wow, the little mermaid is going on a trip!

2. So those birds are magpies! I have no idea what the birds I see around here are called. I have been noticing a lot of birdsong lately. Have you? I think the migrators have started finding their way back to Scandinavia.

3. A student friend of mine from Brasil was just saying this afternoon that the University in Copenhagen is so modern that she gets exhausted. I guess it is too harsh of an environment for her!

maya said...

yes! i have been hearing so much birdsong lately (at least compared to the last several months). it makes me so happy to see little finches resting in branches!