02 February 2010

i don't wanna wake you up but i really wanna tell you somethin'

i came back from berlin with

one much-needed burrito experience

it wasn't from a taqueria but for not having a burrito in over seven months, i was satisfied enough. overjoyed is actually more like it.

two new (used) wool clothing items
three turkish food experiences
four bottles of alcohol
five days of unwashed clothing and unshowered self
six clementines
several new friends
fourteen hours spent on buses
maaaybe fifteen hours spent sleeping
one hundred and seventy-four photos

after getting into the city, we went straight to a bar to meet up with our friend who we stayed with.

happy travel buddies.

so much cool street art

all over the place.

it snowed but it actually wasn't really that cold.

we spent one day at a spa on the spree in the saunas and swimming pool. nudity was mandatory. we're not in kansas anymore.

playing tourist with karl marx

and at the east side gallery, what remains of the wall. it was crazy to see that this symbol had actually been manifested and even better to see how it has been reworked.

dinner with elisha, who we stayed with our last night in the city.

the berliner dome & full moon.

so much awesome street art.

the title of this post is from a sign i saw on a building in friedrichshain. i don't know what it means or what it referenced but it was a good one.

i liked berlin a lot. it was big. you could take the u-bahn forever if you wanted to.

lisi and raphael, who we were staying with, emerging from underground.

i liked that the u-bahn was yellow. i liked seeing the exposed and maybe-crumbling brick in the city. the street art and the surprises around every corner. the playgrounds and cozy cafes and bookshops, especially another country, where on friday nights expats gather, hang out, drink red wine and share ideas.

i'd like to go back sometime. but i also like living here. our metros run all night even if they don't know how to deal with all the snow we've been swamped with in the last few days. this has been a record-breakingly cold and snowy january. a good year to be in denmark, for sure.

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