28 February 2010

shades of grey

time is going so quickly. it's practically march already. plans are falling into place. i will celebrate the equinox, a necessary complement to the solstice. already the snow is being washed away by sporadic rains - nothing to be concerned about yet, although i doubt denmark will ever know a drought, even only in theory - and the ice on the canals is cracking. it makes a pleasant sort of itchy, squeaky sound as you pass by it, as if it's trying to communicate with your bicycle's rusty chain. the two of them scheme: let's get out of here! the water molecules want to be freed from freezing, and i don't blame them. i, too, am tired of constantly being cold.

this weekend my dear friend marie came down from gothenburg to visit with a friend of hers, now a friend of mine, too. we had a good time traipsing around the city, soaking in the cafe atmospheres, digging through thrift stores (my favorite), and overall just enjoying life in the big town. gothenburg is really similar to copenhagen, but it's a lot smaller. we kept giggling about how easy it is to hop on a train and be in a different country.

in christiania we found a spaceman

at home we chilled out

and in the city we got rained on but our spirits were high.

when i first got to copenhagen, i, like all tourists, was charmed by the quaint buildings, the preserved past that is so present, especially seen from the top of round tower. yellow walls and red rooftops and all that. but as slowly as my hair grows out i became immune to all this classic european charm which, after a while, becomes so easy to dump into the "been there, seen that" box.

now my favorite things about copenhagen are the things most people don't see: the dump as viewed through the broken window of an abandoned boat on the south harbor, and, on the dock not fifty meters away, the woman who sits alone in a black jacket in front of a white apartment building, staring absently at that selfsame heap of trash. the wall on the opposite side of the harbor is emblazoned with "YOUR MONEY IS WORTH SHIT" in giant yellow block letters. i can't decide if this is a play on words or a careless display of ignorance - another level of not giving a fuck.

i'll miss the harbor. i know that already.

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