16 February 2010

ten things i love about denmark in no particular order

1. organic food is usually really comparable in price to non-organic stuff, so it's actually pretty feasible to buy organic a lot of the time. denmark's a really "green" (in the sense that it's trendy and has saturated mainstream culture) country and you can get a lot of organic stuff even in the cheapest grocery stores.

2. there's no rush. people don't really seem to hurry here - they just do everything really efficiently. (with that said, i am getting faster at bagging my groceries.)

3. people care. sometimes it drives me crazy when people ask me really inane questions (does it really matter why i'm in my pajamas in the kitchen at 2 p.m. on a weekday?) but i can appreciate their taking an interest. i feel like people mean what they say (and say what they mean) a lot more here than in the united states. sometimes this comes across as being nosy or cold, but i attribute it to the lack of the false politeness that most of us americans are raised with.

4. biking everywhere.

5. and when you can't (or don't want to) bike, mass transit will take you wherever you want to go. trains and buses and subway, oh my! and it's all so easy.

6. this place is so quaint and charming and just overwhelmingly cute. i don't usually think about it anymore, but when i was at the queen's palace (amalienborg) this afternoon with a couple of friends, one of them pointed out the cut-out hearts in the guards' - well, i don't know what they are, but they look like mini outdoor closets - constructions where they walk around outside of the palace, exclaiming how cute it was. which it is, if you look.

7. attention to detail. for example, i have cabinets on my ceiling, in the space between my roof and closet.

8. danish is a really cute language. it's unique, that's for sure.

9. the snow falling outside my window.

10. the extreme weather and seasonal changes, which always provide entertainment and material for conversation.


misselty said...

hi, i recently subscribed to your blog. found it via the university of copenhagen website somewhere. i'm planning on going on exchange from australia, so i really enjoy your little insights about staying there. =)

maya said...

cool! don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about copenhagen/KU :)

Indigo moon said...

Denmark IS cute.
thank you for reminding me.

Barbara said...

I agree about the biking and mass transit! The blue bike lanes I saw made me want to be a bike commuter in Copenhagen, and the S-train without a driver and the Öresundståg are great.

As for the weather, I have been enjoying what is for me a very MILD winter, here in the south of Sweden. (Coastal vs my usual continental climate.) It must be about the same across the Sound. I can see Denmark from the highest point in Lund (a former landfill, made into a park in the '60s)!

maya said...

indigo - :)

barbara - the bike infrastructure here is great. going back to santa cruz and biking there (where you virtually have to fight for your life on a bike, even though it's a pretty bike-friendly town) will be bizarre. and i can only imagine the transition from lund to mankato!