02 March 2010

in the kitchen

i can't seem to get out of this room. it is too hyggeligt.

this evening i made apple chips while working on a rather tedious assignment.

i have all this fruit that won't last that long if i don't do something with it, so i've been cutting up and freezing bananas and pears, but who wants frozen apples? not i. i do, however, always want apple chips. and now i have a plethora of them. they were easier to make than i thought they would be: they didn't need to soak in their own juice, or be doused with water and lemon juice, or sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. no, just slicing them up and putting them in a 120 degree (that's centigrade) oven for an hour and a half was perfect. my homemade almond milk, more savory than sweet, provided a nice contrast to the apples' natural sugars. mm, happy tuesday night.

today was, like, the first day of spring. one of those crazy days that comes blowing in all sunshine and scattered fluffy clouds that all-too-soon are replaced by a barrage of grey and a flurry of snow. this happened multiple times today, but it all blew over in time for the sunset, thank god.

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