20 March 2010

spring at last, spring at last, thank the lord, it's spring at last!

happy first day of spring, world - we made it through another nuclear winter! well, practically. this was, although not the single darkest winter i've ever experienced (that would have been the winter i spent in sweden, just a smidge farther north), but it was the coldest and most exhausting winter i have ever had the pleasure to endure. next time i go abroad for an extended period of time, i'm going somewhere where people don't torture themselves like this. like india, or south africa, or costa rica. although iceland lingers in my mind...

but as the days lighten up - have i mentioned that the sun doesn't set until after 6 p.m. now? - i become exponentially happier for my time in denmark. with three-quarters of my stay here under my belt, it is hitting me that i am really concerned about going back to the big old u.s.a.

one thing i really appreciate about denmark is that - and i don't necessarily think this is unique to danes, but bear with me - although the people have such a "good" state system in which every member of society is cared for from the cradle to the grave, where everyone is well-fed, educated, and has free healthcare (foreign residents included, surprisingly enough), the people aren't satisfied. they want better healthcare, a better political system (dansk folkeparti can suck it), more asylum, and better universities where 40% of the biology department doesn't get laid off. for a long time i was thinking that this is an awfully selfish mindset of the spoiled danes. "you have no idea how good you have it," i'd say. "what are you complaining about?" and they do have it a lot better than a lot of the rest of the world. but i think it really says something about the "culture" that people want to create positive change in their country. because of this drive, there are a lot of young people in politics. they have organic food in the discount grocery stores (with the slogan "organic for everyone!"). and, for whatever reason, they still have a royal family, but that's beside the point.

i don't really know where i'm going with that. back to spring: it's raining today (surprise, surprise) but i'm just full of joy because i'm going up to a friend's cottage in the forest on the coast to celebrate the equinox with flowers, bonfires, and friendship. i'm excited about the mini road-trip (we have to drive for an hour to get there) and fresh air.

signs of spring:

biking through christianshavn with baijie, basking in the sunshine

a burrito from the taco shop!! one of the stranger burritos i've had in my life (the inside was only chile verde pork, no beans or rice!) but it was deeeeelicious nonetheless. i was so happy - and overcome by the smell - that i almost cried.

rock'n'roll burrito time. esther and baijie. nørre farimagsgade.

fællesspisning, common dinner in my kitchen. one of my favorite danish rituals, four times a week.

rune, anna, candles. hygge isn't just for winter!

i made dairy-free risotto from scratch - my first time making risotto - and a salad sprinkled with strawberries. i was told it tasted like summer. in copenhagen i've had the chance to discover that i love cooking. i know my parents will be delighted to hear that and probably force me to cook for them when i finally make it home.

what's up, swans. they were just chillin' on the canal outside of my building. apparently this is normal for spring and summer. you know what that means? the warmer half of the year is upon us!

swans make weird grunting noises. i like them.

but it's kind of gross that there are cigarette butts and can tabs in the grass where they're poking about.

outdoor seating is back!

the tourists are back, too. it cracks me up to see people wandering around with maps when i'm going about my daily routine, like running by the black diamond or biking through christianshavn. my inner tour guide always wants to ask these people if they need directions.

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mina said...

"my inner tour guide always wants to ask these people if they need directions."

i feel the same way! (: