24 March 2010

talking about the weather

it's awfully nice to be able to spend time outside without gloves on and to walk off the sidewalk now that the snow is gone. the canals have finally loosened up, unfrozen, and all over the city people are emerging from the hibernation that the harshest winter in twenty-three years has warranted.

all throughout the city winter, my boots never got muddy. everything was frozen and what wasn't was paved. in the woods for a breath of fresh air, i slipped in the mud of a creek and fell back into love with a place. i am constantly surprised by how similar two polar opposites can be. take california's central coast and north zealand. denmark is mostly flat and the forests are mainly of birch and beech (which i always confuse). but there are also oaks, which are likewise plentiful in california. oaks and rolling hills. the rolling hills are lacking here, but there is something subtle in the way the country land waves under the spring wind, the grass up to your calves and horses at a close canter. the smell of horses brings me back to the u.s.a., as does the scent of the ocean - nevermind that it drifts from a fjord.

the saying "home is where the heart is", i think, rings true. after all, "home" doesn't feel far away here. home is my cubby on the fourth floor of this modern apartment building; home is the window i look into when i need to remember who i am and how i got here. and stomping in copper leaves, my feet are perfectly at home, at ease.

liv's red feet / debris


this is probably one of the oldest trees in denmark, an oak estimated to be two thousand years old. i love oak trees.

forest people (signe, rune, oumer, indigo, liv)

the road

feast - some raw, mostly vegan, all full of wishes and gratitude

this basically sums of my love of summer houses/cottages, places where you have everything you need and little more: a woodburning stove, shelves overflowing with books, a swing in the yard, ten sorts of tea, and excellent company.

danish media: "such are the royal children". see their personalities!

in danish, powder or hyacinth blue is called "dove blue." aww.

flowers, flowers, everywhere!

"at the post office"

so it's beginning to smell like summer again. or, to be more accurate, other smells besides ice and exhaust are beginning to be detectable outside. the thaw (the temperature's been hovering around 5-10/40-50 degrees) is releasing scents that i didn't notice were gone until they came back: the scent that blows in on the wind between the university and my dorm, the salt of the harbor, the smell of barbeques (or wood-burning stoves - i'll never know), people's perfumes now that you can go outside with a little skin showing without risking frostbite, even that most cliche spring smell of new grass. not to mention dog poop and piss and stale beer.

i guess we're already somehow in the middle of the semester and i need to start planning my exams, free take-home papers: one fifteen pages, and the other twenty-five. i've never written a twenty-five page paper or a fifteen-page paper based on my own empirical research, so this semester is nothing if not a little challenging. but i've learned - and am learning - so much here that it seems only fitting that i should learn a little in university, too.

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