29 April 2010

endless weekend

i went to sweden for the weekend (and already it is the weekend again - how did that happen?) to visit my host family and a best friend and when i came back to copenhagen all the trees were trimmed with green. that's right, the buds have sprung into leaves, some of them many centimeters long. and they smell good, too. there are also all these flowers, which also smell good. i am always tempted to scamper into gardens and pick the flowers to take them home to myself, especially the daffodils and occasional lilies.

a nest in bloom

h.c. andersen's boulevard, approaching city hall square and tivoli. around 8:30 p.m.
a view of knippelsbro, the harbor, and the black diamond library from langebro

urban wasteland/not far from the central copenhagen train station. full moon rising.

sweden is always a nice respite from the city. not that sweden can't be urban, but my experiences of sweden are scarcely urbane.

there is a reason the expression "the west coast is the best coast" exists, and it has to do with islands and late, late sunsets.

sometimes norden is more of a dream than anything.

this is my host niece, ellen, in church for a cousin's confirmation. she is very quick and mischievous. i like her a lot.

straight out of a jens lekman song.

the smell of fertilizer is oddly comforting.

i just went up to gothenburg for a quick visit, two days in the country and one in the city. it was short but perfect; it was so good to see all these people that i love so much, to drink dark strong coffee outside on the porch at my host family's house and to spend hours catching up with lotten in her göteborg apartment. she's one of the few people who will let me take close-up photos of her, even if i forget to set my camera to macro focus.

contrary to all appearances, we are happy people.

i've been running in the afternoons instead of in the mornings as i usually do. it's hard to say why but i have a couple of guesses: first of all, it actually gets warm now, so if i wait until the afternoon i get to enjoy the warmest part of the day with the least amount of clothing on. which is to say, for the first time in over six months, i've been able to go out without leggings underneath my shorts. and that feels amazing. apparently i've spent my entire life underappreciating the feeling of wind on bare skin. secondly, mornings prove themselves to be my most productive time of day, and if i don't do my schoolwork then, there is little chance of me making much headway on it throughout the day. and though i don't have many assignments (or really any at all), i have two substantial exams (in the form of free papers) coming up and lots of research to do. so i tackle the books before the pavement and then burn out all my leftover energy when i'm burnt out on studying. that feels good.

suddenly april is ending. i don't know how that happened. i've been listening to this diplo playlist all day. i'm grateful for temperatures finally far above freezing and the humidity that makes it feel even warmer. for friends who spontaneously make and share cakes and for danish poetry (namely naja marie aidt) that opens my eyes through language. it seems altogether unrealistic that i have exams due in a mere month. that i have been here for more than ten already. so it goes.


Anonymous said...

I love Naja maria aidt too. she is wicked.

Anonymous said...

i like the congruency between you and lotten and the lamp.

maya said...

we get along!