22 April 2010

vulcan ash sky
halts european air travel
life goes on

østerbro is all pastels and chills.
i never really go over there.
i have all these preconceptions about it - how upper-class and boring and bourgeois it is - but some streets have shown me what a cool part of the city it actually can be, quaint and calm, with a smattering of art galleries, curious shops, and people on the street who actually converse with you.

it's been raining here again. or, rather, more often than not, the big clouds threaten rain, blow down some sprinkles, and then move on.

i haven't been taking many pictures lately, and what i have been taking pictures of is mostly mundane. but these strawberries, although they came from spain - the danish strawberries won't be ripe until summer - were delicious (not to mention made with love and joy).

i wish american movie theaters were like this.
grand teatret, copenhagen.

have a coffee while you wait for your film!

other good things:
1. the short-lived flurry of big fluffy crazy snow yesterday that reminded us that summer is not quite here yet.
2. "people's kitchen", a public soup kitchen, in christiania. cheap vegan food, cozy, fun.
3. not needing to turn on the light on my bike until nearly 9 p.m.
4. local bands.
5. figuring out how to actually use the royal library to my academic advantage.

1 comment:

geneviève said...

pastels! snow! the royal library!
and that move theatre is amazing - yes.