09 May 2010

another one of those

 weekends - they just go so fast!

happy mother's day, by the way. mom, i'm thinking of you although you are probably thinking of better and more exciting things than mother's day. but you yourself are the best and most exciting!

it was looking like rain all weekend but the rain never really came. the steel-grey skies were enough, though, to make us (me, my flatmates, indigo) want to stay inside being cozy. and staying in being cozy is nice but we've just escaped from a long, long winter and i want to be swimming and sunbathing already. so yesterday indigo and i ventured out for a saturday-afternoon street party which was more of a mutated flea market than anything. it was nice and very copenhagen, very chill, upbeat, a little artsy, very nørrebro. there was good music and people hawking their wares - or rather just waiting patiently for all of us shy shoppers to ask a price - and cheap beer and lots of falafel and lots of used books.

blågårdsgade is a happenin' place 

i wish i could read arabic
this guy seemed a little put out that i only wanted a picture and no fish

what's inside the tent?
a circus-like atmosphere

i have grown to love sundays here. i used to never be able to enjoy sundays knowing that monday was looming, but this last semester, monday lost its meaning as i only had classes tuesdays, thursdays, and fridays. and with all my monday-associations gone, sunday has gained a degree of pleasure and leisure unlike ever before. they don't need to be extravagant, but sundays are for waking up slowly, lovely breakfasts, long walks, and, of course, getting stuff done - whether art projects or exams. today i did all of these things and i feel damn good. now i am winding down listening to a perfect mix from a dear friend who knows how to compile songs in the most sonically-pleasing way, ready for a monday full not of school but everything else.


geneviève said...

sunbathing mmmm... i remember basking in the late afternoon summer sun with you and gaby at islands brygge after class - sitting on the wood down near the water with our boxes of chocolate soy milk and apples.

oh. nostalgia.

maya said...

nostalgia very much worth indulging in

by Adrienne said...

this guy is always there with his fisk van on blågårdsgade!