15 May 2010

from my notebook

i am really enjoying life. one hour reading, three hours at a cafe with esther - i am really getting my priorities straightened out! cafe blÄ time was great. a candidate for favorite. there have always been too many to pick a favorite but i got a good feeling at this place. we were like pretending we were in paris except there was no french, just tea and sandwiches. they had long since run out of croissants. when it was our turn to order the power went out. all we could do was giggle with the waitress and watch as the barman disappeared down through a trapdoor to set things in order. then in the evening at zusammen i met this french guy, cedric. he was saying how much of a francophile - and more specifically, parisophile - city copenhagen is. i had never noticed it but had to agree! working behind the bar tonight, signe taught me how to make drinks. so now i can do something useful. at least i can make a mojito. and even a strawberry daquiri. we closed early because no one was in the bar except the metal band who had long since finished playing and had only their beers left to their names. anyway i think jacob was anxious to change his shirt and get to vega. riding bikes i think it was warmer at 1 a.m. than it had been for the last three days. there's a photo festival going on so vesterbro is screaming party. i danced until i thought my blisters might have popped and couldn't stand up anymore, then plopped myself on a wayward staircase in the heart of lille vega to bob my head to the electro, watching people being people on the dance floor. a lot of black, an abundance of hipster glasses, a moderate amount of hair gel and rune was there, too. at four a.m. the seagulls squawk.

so much cafe time. taking a break from reading at the royal library for lunch.

tea and talk with esther in a corner window.

fantastically cozy

on store kongensgade. i like these crannies in the city center.

making myself useful at cafe zusammen. with not so many customers, we had the freedom to practice making ginger cocktails, among other things.

three cafes in one day is not so bad at all!

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Anonymous said...

yay im glad you are enjoying yourself!