04 May 2010

may day and more

honestly, i love living in a city where i actually have a reason to wear red leather gloves. i've always loved dressing up, and i've always thought that gloves make any outfit way better. as a young teenager i always wanted to wear gloves (not to mention hats and scarves), just because, but living in coastal california, there was no point. here, well, my hands probably would have fallen off if i had tried getting through winter without sufficient hand-covering outerwear.

but now it is may. now the cherry trees are blossoming (yes, it's gorgeous; no, i haven't yet taken pictures), the windmills are going at full tilt, the sun is teasing the birds out of the trees and all the yellow and blue flowers out of their buds, and i. don't. want. to. wear. my. gloves. anymore.

so i don't. i don't wear my gloves, and usually sticking my hands in my pockets is sufficient to warm them up whenever it's a little chilly - say, biking home on h.c. andersen's gade, past søerne, dagmar teatret, rådhuspladsen, and tivoli, over the bridge to my end of shit island (long story short: amager used to be the dump; now it's being gentrified and pegged as "the next manhattan"). or hanging out at christiania, or in a park, as was the case for the afternoon of første maj - may first, better known as may day, in the united states, at least - and the international workers' rights day.

første maj is a big celebration in copenhagen. it is, of course, more of a party than an actual celebration of workers' rights, but that doesn't mean that there weren't tents and stages with speeches - and beer and old danish rock music and sick french hip hop, and anti-fascism stickers and lots and lots of red sausages - all over fælledparken (one of the city's biggest parks, in østerbro) all day long. it was really a festival-like atmosphere and a good time. everyone was just sitting on blankets, sharing drinks, dancing, eating, barbecuing, and generally hanging out and having fun.

 rune, signe, and liv

the anti-fascism stage, groovy french hip hop

lots of folks
i don't know these people.

these last days have been flying by, just like the clouds. have i mentioned that it is windy here? bluster, bluster, bluster. as long as it's not raining, i'm happy. the danish strawberries are at last in season again and damn, they are delicious. i think this is my favorite time of year in this part of the world. summer is magical, but i don't think it can top all the promise of the spring. although the longest days of the year lurk a couple months down the line, the sun already doesn't go down until nearly nine p.m. and dusk lasts until past ten. the royal blue sky that glows in the after-dinner twilight makes me happy. you can kind of catch a glimpse of it out the window here: 

nina is moving out this weekend, so she had a goodbye dinner (which of course turned into a party) last thursday. 

she had made tiramisu but some other people made cakes for dessert, so we ate the tiramisu for an appetizer.

nina, port wine, and her masterpieces.

all my kitchen moved out onto the balcony. hyggeligt.

and last but not least, a couple of city images.


between all the construction on kongens nytorv, the disappearance of the snow, and the sudden sprouting of outdoor seating, i hardly recognize the place!


geneviève said...

sick french hip hop?!

maya said...

yes. too bad i have no idea who they were!

Indigo moon said...

this makes me think of copenhagen in fuzzy thoughts.