21 May 2010

so much

ki am all over the place. scatterbrained and loose-footed. what day is it? how old am i? you know how it feels?

so i am listening to one of my favorite talking heads albums, fear of music. the song animals (they say they don't need money, they're living on nuts and berries. they say animals don't worry, they're living on nuts and berries. you know animals are hairy? they say animals don't worry. they think they know what's best, they're making a fool of us. they ought to be more careful, they're setting a bad example. they say animals don't worry, they're living on nuts and berries...) reminds me of driving country roads in this kind of weather in california to spend hours digging in dirt, pulling up weeds and eating blueberries. it's almost hot here, and muggy. it was warm enough last night to spend hours outside drinking wine and eating cake in the kødbyen parking lot. it's just so nice to be able to hang out without having to be inside.

what else? not long ago becky's friend quinn who is from wisconsin - but they're friends from poland - happened to be in town from stockholm so we went wild at the tietgen party.

 quinn & co. groovin'

it's a small world. last night i learned how to make foccacia and gnocchi di patate.

fab knows bread.

pretty little gnocchi. homemade potato pasta.

i am burning to go to italy. i need the south after all this northern exposure. exam deadlines are looming and i have lost my mind to empircal data and other people's words.

 i've been getting cultured. saw oddsac at grand. it was good to get out of my own world of sensory overload and into someone else's.

i have this freedom here that i don't have in the same way in california. i know i'll miss it. 

rådhuspladsen. hustle and bustle. tourists, pigeons, and a hot dog wagon.

i've been here for such a long time that i have stopped really looking at things. i usually roll on by rådhuspladsen with just one ear tuned in to see what might be going on - if the "indians" are playing in the square, trading exploitation of culture & self for little golden coins, or if there's a demonstration or football rally - or a glance if i'm waiting for the light to change. i've been here for such a long time (eleven months today), and so indefinitely that the idea of what's coming up hasn't really fazed me at all - i've always been going to still be here. but now events are coming up that i won't be able to attend because i'm not going to be on the continent. it's kind of weird to see a flier for a concert and think in this weird, disconnected way, "july 2... i won't be in denmark anymore." that's alright. i've been here long enough and i couldn't stay here forever, anyway. but these last weeks are so nutty just because there is a looming deadline. the deadline for my sanity is may 31st, when my exams are due, and the one for my whole "trip" is only two weeks after that. which, thinking about it, sounds just right, except i am trying to squeeze in last trips that i haven't felt the compulsion to make in all the months i spent wallowing through the winter, as well as tie up my - loose and scattered - ends here.

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